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Alternative to Painful Gum Treatment! Pinhole® Surgery Technique

Suffering from gum recession can be both a painful experience and unsightly. Most people with gum recession will experience pain, irritation, and bleeding. It can also lead to tooth and root decay as well as sensitivity to hot and cold food or drinks. When your gums begin to recede, they leave your teeth and roots at risk to be exposed to bacteria, which can lead to gum disease, gingivitis, periodontitis, and even tooth loss. The teeth can appear long and yellowed due to the exposed yellow roots.

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Alternative to Traditional Gum Recession Treatment

Typical Treatment for Gum RecessionThe traditional way that gum recession is treated involves either removing some of the soft tissue from the roof of your mouth or obtaining donor tissue from a cadaver and grafting this tissue to your existing gums. Patients will experience an improvement in their gum recession, however, this procedure can be very painful.

Alternative to Traditional Gum Recession Treatment: Pinhole® Surgery Technique (PST)One of the amazing benefits of choosing our dentist, Dr. Silver, to be your family dentist is that he is one of four dentists in the entire City of Calgary that is certified in a new way to treat gum recession known as Pinhole® Surgery Treatment (PST).

The following explains how PST works:

  • Dentist use a needle to make a tiny hole in your gum tissue
  • Specialized tools are used to loosen the existing gum tissue
  • The existing gums are able to stretch and extend
  • The existing gums are used to cover the exposed roots

Benefits of Pinhole® Surgery Technique

PST is an amazing treatment for any patient suffering from gum recession because it can make the entire repair and healing process easier. Patients that undergo PST rather than gum grafting enjoy the following benefits:

  • Less pain usually
  • Recovery time is usually one-two days, rather than weeks
  • No sutures
  • No grafts
  • Roots and other exposed tissues are covered and protected
  • Patient have a healthier mouth and teeth
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Only those dentists that are certified in the Pinhole® Surgery Technique can perform this procedure and that is not a very large number. On top of being certified in PST, Dr. Silver takes pride in getting to know his patients and making an effort to be their family doctor for life. He will ensure that you are comfortable and receive the best-possible care.

To schedule a dental consultation and determine if PST is right for you, please contact Southcentre Dental Clinic today. We proudly serve all patients in Calgary, Alberta and make an effort to ensure that all financial needs can be met. Please view more about our financial plans here. Call us at (403) 278-1415.

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