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Porcelain dental crown patient in CalgaryDr. Steven Cload and his team place tooth crowns for Alberta patients who have weakened teeth that need protection. Tooth crowns work well for teeth that have become damaged due to injury or large areas of decay, or in cases where old metal fillings have broken the tooth structure down.

Tooth Strength

When faced with weakened tooth structure, it is often necessary to do this kind of renovation to save the tooth from extraction. In most cases, all-porcelain crowns are recommended to achieve a natural look and to prevent enamel breakage or cracking. For some patients, gold may be preferable, depending on the amount of damage and the degree of strengthening needed.

Porcelain dental crowns may be used to:

  • Replace large or worn-out fillings
  • Replace cracked or leaking fillings
  • Replace metal fillings
  • Replace old or deteriorating crowns
  • Restore fractured or broken teeth
  • Cover discoloured teeth
  • Cover and protect dental implants
  • Cover and protect teeth that have been treated with root canals

Why Porcelain?

Dr. Cload’s Calgary dentistry team prefers to use porcelain for most dental crowns because it is a material that is strong enough to withstand biting pressure — and because it does a great job of recreating the look and feel of natural enamel. When light hits the custom-made crown, it is reflected off of the porcelain in the same way as enamel. Because the entire tooth crown is porcelain, there is no worry about dark lines showing around the gum line.

Fixed Bridges and Crowns

Dr. Cload also places fixed bridges — made of a pontic (false tooth) fused between two dental crowns to help patients with missing teeth complete their smiles. In this case, the two crowns on either side of the false tooth are providing a high level of support for the new tooth and improving the condition and structures of the crowned teeth.

The Porcelain Crown Procedure

The crown procedure depends usually on the number of crowns you require,cosmetics and function. If you require individual crowns these are usually created in one visit with CEREC technology. The crown is made the same day as your appointment with no need to return for a fitting. Its all completed at the same time. If your require a more complicated crown or multiple crowns then a mould is taken of the prepared tooth and sent to one of our laboratories for construction. During the time between the mould taking and the fitting of the crown you will have a temporary crown placed.

Please see our Dental Crown Questions and Porcelain Crown Questions pages for more details.

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