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White Fillings in CalgaryWill tooth-coloured fillings look natural?

The composite material used by Dr. Cload to fill cavities is extremely natural-looking and blends in well with natural enamel. The filling material can be customized to match your tooth shade for a result that provides subtle tooth improvement. Many of our patients who replace old metal fillings with white ones are very happy with their new smile appearance.

Why should I choose Southcentre Dental Clinic for my fillings?

We treat every patient with the kindness and compassion we feel you deserve. We’ll take the time to answer all your questions and deliver honest, straightforward answers. Here, you can also expect our sense of humour to help make your visit fun and memorable. Learn more about our practice.

What are some of the differences between metal ( amalgam) and white fillings ?

Traditional metal fillings are made of an alloy based on a mix of mercury, copper silver, tin and other trace metals. White fillings are made of a resin based monomer and a filler such as silica.White fillings are bonded to the tooth structure. Metal fillings are usually pushed into the cavity and are not bonded. The bonding of white fillings seals the inside of the tooth. Metal fillings do not seal directly to the tooth structure. Metal fillings are usually easier and quicker to place compared to white fillings. Is one more superior to the other? That depends on the situation it is used in, placement technique and the goal of the patients. Dr.Cload has not placed an amalgam filling since 1998.

How long will white fillings last?

The key to longevity is placement and good dental hygiene. They can last as long, as metal fillings.

When should metal fillings be replaced?

Patients who seek out metal filling replacement may do so because their metal filling has weakened the tooth, is leaking, or has caused cracks in the enamel. You may also wish to replace metal with composite fillings in order to create a more attractive, uniform smile.

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