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If you have crowded teeth, gaps in your smile, an overbite, or some other teeth alignment problem, Invisalign® is an option for fixing your smile without the metal braces. By opting for Invisalign® over traditional metal braces, you can enjoy the cosmetic and practical benefits Invisalign® has to offer.

Improved Dental Health

Some of the ways Invisalign® can allow you to maintain your dental health include:

  • Healthier gums
    • The wires and brackets on traditional metal braces can irritate the soft tissue of your gums. Invisalign®’s smooth plastic aligners can reduce this problem.
  • Easier cleaning
    • Because you can remove your aligners before eating and brushing your teeth, food is less likely to get stuck in awkward places in your mouth. You can more easily brush and flush your teeth, clearing out food and preventing the build-up of plaque. Dentists have long struggled to get patients to take dental hygiene seriously. Invisalign is allows more convenience and ease of use enables patients to maintain dental hygiene.

Practical Benefits of Invisalign®

Invisalign also has several benefits over metal braces, such as:

  • Optically clear plastic
    • The aligners are virtually invisible while you’re wearing them compared to metal braces.
  • Comfort
    • Invisalign® is custom-fit to your unique smile. There are no sharp edges or protruding parts; the aligners slide on and off with ease.
  • Removable
    • Since you remove your aligners before you eat, there is no restriction on the types of foods you can enjoy.
      It is important to realise that Invisalign and metal braces are not interchangeable. In ceratin situations tooth movements that you need can only be accomplishd with metal braces. If this is the case we would refer you to an orthodontist.

If you live in the Calgary, Alberta area and are considering Invisalign® to straighten your teeth, please contact Southcentre Dental Clinic today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven Cload.

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