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In addition to sleep apnea and snoring, there are a number of sleep disorders that can rob you of a restful night’s sleep and leave you feeling groggy and tired in the morning. If you are suffering from a sleep disorder, Dr. Cload may be able to assist you in treating the problem, and help restore a good night’s sleep.

Common Sleep Disorders

Some of the sleep disorders Dr. Cload is able to treat include:

  • Bruxism
  • Hypopnea
  • Snoring

Many sleep disorders are related to sleep apnea, a common condition in which air flow is obstructed during sleep resulting in restlessness and a lack of oxygen. This can lead to morning headaches as well as other symptoms of sleeplessness. Other sleep disorders may be related to TMJ. Bruxism, or teeth grinding, in particular can be a symptom of a larger problem with your temporomandibular joint, and can be treated using dental appliances such as mouthguards and oral splints.

Some sleep disorders may be an indication of a larger problem. During your sleep disorder diagnosis, Dr. Cload can help you determine if your disorder is treatable with dental services, or if you will require additional medical assistance.

Living with a sleep disorder can wreak havoc on every aspect of your life.

If you live in or around Calgary, Alberta and are suffering from an inadequate night’s sleep, please contact Dr. Cload at Southcentre Dental Clinic to schedule an initial consultation today.

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