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Are snoring appliances painful or uncomfortable?

No. The appliance is custom-made for your mouth and is very comfortable to wear.

Is it difficult to sleep with an appliance in your mouth?

No. Most patients find the appliances very comfortable and sleep through the night within one week. Less than 10 percent have reported a period of adjustment of up to two weeks, but after that most report they aren’t aware they’re even wearing a dental appliance.

Will the appliance affect my dental health?

No. Prior to constructing the appliance, we will check the health of both your teeth and gums. We will advise you of any dental treatment required before construction of the snoring appliance. There is the potential for tooth movement and a change in your bite position. However, as we say to our patients, a little tooth movement is nothing compared to not waking up after having a heart attack due to sleep apnea.

Will it adversely affect existing TMJ or cause TMJ problems?

Many patients who suffer from sleep apnea and snoring also present with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ or TMD) symptoms. Some patients actually see some improvement in their TMJ symptoms, others do not. We will work to adjust the snoring appliance to obtain an optimum position to manage your sleep apnea and any TMJ symptoms.

Is the plastic in the snoring appliance dangerous to my health?

The plastic used in the construction of our custom-fit snoring appliances is medical grade and has been carefully tested for safe human use.

Do I have to go to a sleep centre before getting a snoring appliance?

No. After your consultation, we can arrange for you to take home a sleep testing unit called the Apnea Risk Evaluation System (ARES). After you wear the appliance for two nights, we will be able to obtain detailed information about your sleep and the level of both your snoring and sleep apnea. If your sleep apnea is severe enough for a referral to a sleep centre, we will refer you for further evaluation.

Do I need a doctor referral for a sleep apnea and snoring appliance consultation?

No referral is needed. We will provide your family doctor with all our findings from the ARES sleep test and discuss with them any benefits to your overall health, such as reduced blood pressure and weight loss.

How long before I can start using my snoring appliance?

Following your impressions and the recording of your bite, it takes approximately two weeks to have the appliance constructed by our laboratory.

How soon does the snoring appliance start to work?

Immediately. The appliance is designed to bring the lower jaw forward into proper alignment. Therefore, a decrease in the obstruction that is the cause of your sleep apnea will begin as soon as you start to wear the appliance. The snoring appliance does need to be adjusted over a few weeks to achieve optimum results. Follow-up visits and sleep studies will ensure that the snoring appliance is having the desired effect.

How long do the snoring appliances last?

With proper care, most snoring appliances last three to five years.

What if it gets lost or damaged?

Sometimes the snoring appliance can be repaired if it is damaged. In the first year, the appliance is guaranteed and there is no charge for any repair or replacement due to damage or breakage while wearing the snoring appliance. If you lose the appliance, we have to charge you the full cost of replacement.

What if I have problems with the appliance?

After fitting you with your snoring appliance, we will see you for follow-up visits at set intervals. You can call us at any time with any questions or concerns.

Is there a payment plan?

We know the importance of wearing a snoring and sleep apnea appliance. For this reason we work with Dental Card to allow you to pay for your appliance over time. Please refer to our Financing page to find out how you can pay instalments with Dental Card.

Should I try CPAP first?

We do not start any treatment until we have completed an initial sleep study with the ARES device and your doctor has reviewed its findings. Depending on your discusion with your doctor they may refer you for a CPAP evalaution .

If you have further questions about sleep apnea or snoring appliances, please contact us at the Southcentre Dental Clinic to schedule a free consultation.

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