Providing Better Smiles to Calgary & nearby areas of Alberta

Snoring. It rarely troubles the snorer, but the rest of the household. Now that’s a different matter.

Before we treat our patients in Calgary with dental snoring devices we send them home with a easy to use snoring/sleep apnea testing device called an ARES. Would you believe many of our patients record sustained snoring levels equivalent to someone singing loudly( opera level) in their bedroom. No wonder some partners sleep in separate rooms or on separate floors.

On a serious note though snoring can be associated in many cases with sleep apnea which is deadly. Apnea is when the snorer stops snoring and begin to gasp for air. This is associated with and can cause diabetes, coronary disease, impotence, weight gain , insomnia and sleepiness in the daytime.

If you or someone you know is snoring or gasping for air contact us for a consultation and a simple take home sleep test. After the testing information is analysed we can help you with possible treatment or referral as needed.