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How white can I go?

The level of whitening that is right for you is a personal decision. However, Dr. Silver can let you know your limitations and suggest a shade based on your current appearance and tooth characteristics. Generally, the ZOOM whitening process will give you more intense results in a shorter amount of time than take home whitening systems.

Is the ZOOM bleaching process safe?

Zoom whitening is proven to be very safe and effective. The special light-activated gel is specially formulated to penetrate enamel to remove deep stains. It’s also pH balanced easy on teeth and gums, making the process more comfortable than some other whitening alternatives. To learn more about the safety of tooth whitening, set up a consultation.

Will tooth whitening make me look younger?

Tooth whitening can have a very positive effect on your smile appearance — and your overall appearance, as well. Of course we cannot guarantee you will look younger but as a population we tend to attribute whter teeth with youth.

Are the effects of professional tooth whitening temporary?

Age, lifestyle and every day use can eventually lead to tooth enamel discoloration. The effects of whitening last different lengths of time for each patient, depending largely on your habits, home care, and whether or not you use touch-up whitening treatments. During your cosmetic dental consultation, Dr. Silver will discuss all of the details with you and share tips on keeping your smile bright for a long while.

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