What Implants Should I Get

What Types of Implants Should I Get?


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Implant Dentistry in Calgary

We’ll help you make the decision that is right for you when you choose between different types of dental implants.

There are three broad categories of dental implant patients, and the best option for you will usually be determined by which of these categories best describes you.

One Missing Tooth

While we’ll closely evaluate your situation to ensure that a dental implant is right for you, most patients with a single missing tooth are candidates for a porcelain crown-topped dental implant.

We’ll explain the dental implant procedure in more detail in person, but when placing a lone dental implant our Calgary dentist will:

Place an artificial titanium root in the bone socket of the missing tooth. We then wait between three and six months for the root to fully integrate into your jawbone and heal.Once the process is complete, we’ll open the gum tissue and place a small abutment on the root.Finally, once the gum tissue is healed we will place a custom-made porcelain crown on the abutment.

The process is rather lengthy, but the end result is a solution to your tooth loss and a sound foundation of dental health.

Multiple Missing Teeth

If you’re missing multiple teeth, then we will probably recommend you opt for implant-supported bridges or a combination of single implants and bridge supported implants.

This procedure begins much the same way as the one to place a single crown-topped dental implant. We’ll place a titanium root and wait for it to fully integrate into your jaw bone.

We then place the dental bridge. A dental bridge is basically two porcelain crowns and a false tooth, or “pontic,” between them.

The bridge is supported by your dental implants, which makes them stronger and sturdier than other dental bridge options. This process also preserves more of your bone tissue.

Missing a Full Set of Teeth

In an extreme case where you’re missing a full row of teeth or even your complete set of teeth, we recommend dental implant-supported dentures.

Dental implants are often talked about in contrast to dentures, but the multiple titanium roots we insert as part of this procedure provide strong, firm support to a set of dentures.

After placing these implants, we’ll create a set of dentures that is right for your particular needs. The dentures will then be connected to the abutments that we have placed on top of the titanium roots.

The end result of all these procedures is better long-term dental health. Dental implants will enable you to eat and speak normally and reduce the issues presented by missing teeth.

If you’re a Calgary resident considering dental implants, please contact Southcentre Dental Clinic today for a consultation.

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