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I know, yet again the fluoride in the water debate has come up in Calgary. Fluoride has lead to a sharp decline in the decay of teeth. Just compare yourself if you are over 30 to youngsters today. They have far few fillings than us in the older generations. When I was a kid growing up in England almost every visit to the Dentist would result in a filling or extraction.

Today the level of decay is much lower. I believe that does have a lot to do with fluoride in the water. However now with so many sources of fluoride especially in toothpaste, not to mention the social implications of receiving a “medication” in something as basic as water, I think it is time to stop adding fluoride to water. I believe the money would be better spent on education and helping families directly who may not understand the benefits of good oral hygiene or cannot afford toothpaste. Education will always be better than just adding fluoride to the water and hoping for the best.