Our goal is to improve smiles in Calgary and surrounding areas of Alberta.

The fluoride in water debate has resurfaced once again in Calgary. While fluoride has been credited with a significant reduction in tooth decay, many individuals today have far fewer fillings than older generations, even at a young age.

When I was growing up in England, a visit to the dentist almost always resulted in a filling or extraction, but today, the level of decay is significantly lower. I believe this is due to the presence of fluoride in the water. However, with numerous sources of fluoride, including toothpaste, and the social implications of adding a “medication” to a basic necessity like water, it may be time to discontinue adding fluoride to the water. Instead, we should invest in education and provide direct support to families who may not understand the importance of good oral hygiene or cannot afford toothpaste. Education will always be a more effective solution than relying solely on water fluoridation.