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Received hygiene, examination and cosmetic dentistry here. Excellent staff who are friendly, funny and easygoing, but the quality of care I received has been the best. Calm and fun environment. Dr. Silver is an artist! Thank you South Centre Dental.

— Shy L, ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Google Review

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover, sometimes referred to as smile restoration, smile reconstruction, or smile rejuvenation, is a custom-designed group of cosmetic dental procedures to provide an extensive change in the appearance of a smile. Smile makeovers can range from simple teeth whitening to porcelain crowns on twenty-eight teeth!

If you could change one thing about your smile, what would it be? Whiter teeth? Straighter teeth? Maybe a less “gummy” smile? Enjoy a Hollywood smile with a smile makeover at Southcentre Dental.

How does a smile makeover work?

Get an inside look at how we create our customized smile makeover plans to ensure you get the smile of your dreams.

Diagnostic Testing

The first step in your smile makeover involves running a few diagnostic tests to get to the “root” of the problems. Dentists at the Smile Denture Clinic in Calgary will take a series of digital intra-oral images and x-rays. You’ll be able to view the results with our dentist on a large 42-inch TV monitor, and we’ll identify the particular areas that need treatment.

If you like, you can also bring your own pictures or screenshots to show the kind of smile makeover you’re looking for. Do keep in mind that every person has a unique dental structure. For this reason, you’ll need a customized plan that only an expert dental specialist can provide.

Create A Customized Plan

In this step, we review everything found during the diagnostic and testing stage. Dr. Silver will then describe the recommended cosmetic treatment options for your unique smile goals! This can include everything from discussing the shape and size of new teeth, measuring your new bite, and more

Perform Smile Makeover Treatments

Smile makeover treatments are patient-specific and can be as simple as a couple of appointments for a cleaning and some whitening, to several months of treatment, including various phases of diagnosis and fine-tuning of aesthetics and resolving symptoms. It can involve bonding crowns or veneers on several teeth — or sometimes all of the teeth — depending on the severity of any dental and medical problems.

Recovery & Care Plan

When your cosmetic dental treatments are finished — or as they are completed, depending on the length of your smile makeover plan — our team will inform you about the ongoing maintenance and care required to keep your smile looking great for years to come! Regular brushing and flossing are essential to avoid common dental issues in the future. Additionally, certain cosmetic treatments might require maintenance with time. For example, teeth whitening is a treatment that is repeated on occasion, helping you maintain the bright, white smile that you enjoy. Porcelain veneers, composite bonding, dental crowns, and other treatments require replacement after 10 or 15 years.

Enjoy a Beautiful Smile

Don’t be embarrassed by your smile, we’ll help you create one you’ll love!

Our experienced dentist, Dr. Jennifer Silver, specializes in rebuilding and reconstructing teeth to create vibrant, white smiles. Too much gum? A little bit yellow? Not quite straight? No problem! We’re here to help you discover a smile you love.

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What does a smile makeover include?

A smile makeover includes many different procedures, depending on the patient’s smile goals. Our cosmetic treatments can be used as a stand-alone service or combined to create the ultimate smile you’ve always wanted.

Every patient is unique, which is why our smile denture clinic in Calgary offers a custom approach and unique treatment plan. Here is an overview of some of the ways your personalized treatment plan can improve the appearance of your teeth and gums:

Whitening Discoloured Teeth

Yellowing and discoloured teeth are possibly the biggest flaws that need repairing for a smile makeover. Teeth that are discoloured can be brightened with teeth whitening services, crownsimplants, or veneers. The unique shading of your smile is an essential part of your cosmetic treatments, ensuring that you have bright, consistent shades of white when we are done with the treatments. If you have amalgam or silver fillings, then they can be removed and replaced with tooth-colored composite fillings.

Repairing Teeth with Crowns and Veneers

Dental crowns and veneers are ideal options for a smile makeover when the root is intact and only the upper section is missing. In case you have tooth erosion or broken teeth because of an injury, getting a crown restores the perfection of your smile. Chipped and discoloured teeth are also perfect candidates for crowns or veneers.

Dental implants or bridges are yet another practical solution to improve the integrity of a damaged tooth. But, of course, they work best for dental sections that are not visible, like at the back of your mouth. However, if the damage is on the visible section of your teeth, our dentist may choose to attach a veneer.

Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants and Bridges

A missing tooth is more than an eyesore; the gap in your mouth can lead to complications and other dental problems, like an increased risk of tooth decay, changes in your bite, and bone loss in the jaw.

If you are missing one or more teeth, then it is important to consider your options for replacements using dental implants, bridges, or dentures. Not only are these mouth restorations or reconstructions an integral part of your appearance, but they also impact your oral health.

Repairing Your Gums For A Perfect Smile

Often times, unhealthy gums are the reason why the appearance of your smile is less than perfect. Some people have extra tissues surrounding their teeth, which is why they seem to have a gummy smile. Accordingly, an oral surgeon will remove some of the excess tissue. On the other hand, if the tissues are receding too far back, you’ll have a toothy smile. Dentists can repair the problem by using pin-hole surgery to gently tug the tissues to cover more of the tooth surface.

In case you have gum disease, you’ll receive a course of antibiotics to remove the bacteria. Next, an oral surgeon will help you by re-contouring the gums so that they cover an optimum section of the teeth. Typically, dentists use the smile line as a reference guide when shaping the tissues.

Correcting Misalignment

An essential component of a perfect smile is the proper alignment of your teeth. For instance, each tooth should be neatly lined up in the oral cavity. Any issues, like overlapping teeth or excessive gaps, can take away from a perfect-looking smile. Orthodontic appliances like braces or Invisalignveneers, and other dental restorations can help realign your smile.

Restoring the Optimum Length of the Teeth

To have a perfect smile, you’ll also need your teeth to have the proper length. Aging and chewing hard objects and foods can result in tooth erosion. Short teeth can then be reshaped and resized to create the ideal appearance using porcelain veneers or composite bonding. If needed, the dentist may choose to trim back the gum tissues using laser therapy. A periodontist can help with tooth lengthening so that you get an even symmetrical smile that contributes to your overall appearance.

Looking for simpler cosmetic treatments?

We provide many different cosmetic treatments to improve the look of your smile.

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A smile makeover is always worth it if your smile makes you embarrassed or uncomfortable, or if it will cause future dental problems! Straighter, brighter, cleaner, and whiter teeth will make a massive difference in your confidence and your overall health.

Many surveys find a great smile to be the first trait someone notices about somebody they meet. In one survey, 75% of respondents felt an unattractive smile can be detrimental to a person’s career success and 85% of respondents said that an unattractive smile is unappealing to the opposite sex.

If you are interested in having a smile makeover contact us for a free initial consultation. In some cases, we can change your smile in as little as 2 weeks!

Getting dental insurance may not be possible for a smile makeover. Most insurance carriers consider smile makeovers as cosmetic dentistry (which typically does not get coverage). However, you could get insurance for some of the other treatments before the actual smile makeover. For instance, healing gum disease.

Our clinic offers easy payment options in small installments that are affordable. You can also choose the procedures you prefer to pay for and get done right away and delay the rest. You can expect the best low-cost recommendations with no hidden surprises!

The cost of getting a smile makeover depends entirely on your dental practitioner and the location where you’re getting treatment. If you have additional problems like cavities or gum disease, the dentist will treat these problems before moving on to repairing your smile. Accordingly, the final expense can be higher. Further, if you need extensive procedures like pin-hole gum repair or dental implants, these charges will also add to the cost.

If you’d like a better estimate of a smile makeover, we encourage you to book a free consultation so we can get a better idea of what treatments you both want and need.

Most people are unaware that the shape and structure of their teeth can actually make them look more masculine or feminine. A fundamental difference lies in the central front teeth of men and women. These four incisors on both, the upper and lower jaws are larger and more square-shaped in men, while women tend to have rounder and smaller ones. The canines or teeth used for tearing are longer and sharper in men, while women have shorter and rounded ones.

The reason this happens is mostly caused by your genes. Masculine jawbones are normally larger as compared to feminine jawbones. Do keep in mind that every person has a unique bone structure and what works for one may not work for another.

About Dr. Jennifer Silver

Dr. Jennifer Silver is our local dentist in charge of smile makeovers at our Calgary dental clinic. She has helped create whiter, straighter, and more beautiful smiles for the past 15 years. If you’re interested in a smile makeover we recommend booking your free consultation with Dr. Silver right away!

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