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What is a sports mouth guard and why do you need one?

A mouthguard for sports is key to protecting your lips, cheeks, gums, and teeth. In fact, according to research by the American Dental Association, you are 60% less likely to suffer a dental injury if you are wearing a mouth guard.

A sports mouth guard is made to fit your dental structure and to help save your mouth from serious injury while playing sports. A minor tumble, whack, or skid could turn serious for your smile without the proper protection. If you wear braces or have fixed orthodontic appliances, your risk for oral injury increases along with your need for a well-made custom mouth guard.

From custom football mouth guards to custom basketball mouth guards, your friends at Southcentre Dental are here to help keep your mouth safe from injury!

What are the different types of sports mouth guards?

Not all sports guards are custom made, there are three different classifications of mouth guards for sports:

Standard Size Sports Guard

A quick Internet search will show a variety of standard one-size-fits-most mouth guards for sports. While these are typically the cheapest option available, they don’t come highly recommended because they are usually:

  • Uncomfortable
  • Difficult to talk or breath in
  • Don’t offer the same level of protection as custom sports mouth guards

Even though this is the quickest and cheapest alternative for protection, it can actually cause more harm than good!

Boil-and-Bite Sports Guard

This type of mouth guard is made at home by boiling it in hot water and then molding it to your mouth. It’s better than a standard size mouthguard in terms of fit, however because it is made of a thin plastic, they can be chewed through and worn down within a few months.

Custom Sports Mouth Guard

A custom sports mouth guard is made by a dentist using exact molds of your mouth, teeth, and gums. Once your mouth guard is made, you try it on with your dentist to make sure it provides a good fit. As a result, custom sports mouth guards offer added comfort and protection. This option may cost more, but this is one of those things that you truly get what you pay for  — full-on protection!

Play it safe, get a custom mouth guard!

We offer custom sports mouth guards made to your specific mouth and any dental conditions.

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What are the benefits of a custom sports mouth guard?

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A Comfortable Fit

Since custom sport mouth guards are made by a dentist using a mold of your mouth, teeth, and gums, a custom guard is known to provide optimal comfort. There’s nothing worse than dealing with an uncomfortable mouth guard during a weekend-long tournament!

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Easier To Breath & Talk

Since custom sport mouth guards are fitted to your mouth’s exact dimensions, it is less likely to get in the way of your mouth’s natural air flow. They are also less clunky, making it easier to talk without slurring your words or having to take out your mouth guard with dirty hands!

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Top Level Protection

Since a custom mouth guard is designed to fit exactly to your mouth, teeth, and gums dimensions, it offers the highest level of protection when compared to alternatives. When forceful contact to the face is made, whether that be a blow, whack, or a hit, the force is evenly distributed across all teeth lowering the risk of a sever dental injury.

How to care for & maintain your custom sports mouth guard

You work hard and put in plenty of practice to stay on top of your game when it comes to your favourite sport(s). Thankfully, custom sports mouth guards are made to last and take a lot less effort to maintain a clean. To properly care for your sports guard follow the steps below:

  1. Most importantly, rinse off the guard before and after every use!
  2. Use a gentle soap or toothpaste along with your toothbrush to clean it after you wear it.
  3. Always make sure your sports mouth guard is completely dry before putting it away in its case.
  4. Never leave it outside in the sun or soaking in water.
  5. Bring your mouth guard in during your regular dental checkups — we’re always happy to check if it still fits right and provides adequate protection.

Have your teeth been damaged by playing sports?

Restore your smile with cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers or dental implants.


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If you have braces or fixed bridge work, a custom sports guard is even more important! For one, fixed orthodontic appliances, such as brackets and wires, can cause additional damages to your mouth. Not only does a custom mouth guard protect your braces from harm, it also safeguards your gums, lips, cheeks and other soft tissues. While mouth guards are traditionally worn only on the top teeth, there are certain factors that may cause the need for a bottom mouth guard as well.

A custom sports guard will cost $236.00. Getting a sports guard made specifically for your mouth and teeth is better than buying one at the drugstore primarily because it is made and shaped for your unique bite. Therefore, if you were to experience any sort of trauma to the face, you are less likely to have caused any damage to your teeth, as it is made specifically for you.

The cost of repairing damaged teeth, depending on insurance, will be much higher than the upfront cost of a custom made sports guard.

On average a custom sports mouthguard will last you about 5 years, depending on the average usage and care of said sports guard.

After our office brings you in for a 3D scan of your mouth, we will then send it to the lab. We’ll have you come in to pick up your mouth guard one week after your scans.

About Dr. Jennifer Silver

Dr. Jennifer Silver has been providing Calgary sport lovers with custom mouth guards that are comfortable and safe for the past 15 years! Whether you need to replace an older sports guard or get fitted for your very first one, Dr. Silver will go above and beyond to make sure it’s the perfect fit for your mouth.

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