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Looking for a children’s dentist in Calgary?

Our dental clinic provides better smiles to kids of all ages! We know the importance of establishing good oral hygiene at a young age, that’s why we offer dental services for children that help them grow healthy and strong teeth.

From dental cleanings to regular check ups, our family dentist and hygienists are well trained to give your child the quality dental care they need.

Dental Services For Children

Children require special attention when it comes to caring for their growing teeth and gums. To ensure your child's teeth and overall oral health remain strong, we provide the following services:
Complimentary first appointments for children under three years of age.

With a friendly and comfortable environment, we’ll introduce your toddler to the office with a tour and introduce them to the hygienist and family dentist, Dr. Jennifer Silver.

In addition, we’ll discuss your child’s oral health and listen to your questions and concerns such as how to care for teeth development, diet, and overall oral health.

Regular dental check-ups.

We always recommend children of all ages get regular dental checkups at least twice a year to ensure a healthy smile! During these checkups, our dental team will evaluate your child’s mouth, including teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue. In addition, we’ll look for issues, such as tooth decay, cavities, fillings that need to be replaced. Then we will provide you with an assessment of your child’s oral health.

Preventive dental treatments.

We take a proactive approach with preventive treatments that protect your child’s teeth and gums. When dental problems (such as gum disease and tooth decay) are discovered in the early stages, we encourage parents to be diligent about minimally-invasive treatments. Other options, such as fluoride and sealants, can be used to avoid the problem from recurring in the future.

Regular dental cleanings.

Similar to dental check-ups, we recommend that your child has their teeth cleaned at least twice a year! During teeth cleanings, our hygienists will polish your child’s teeth and remove any plaque, stains, or tartar buildup— making their smiles bright and healthy.

Quality treatments for all ages.

Our team at Southcentre Dental has the experience to help with a variety of dental treatments for children of all ages. You can call us for everything from regular exams and cleanings to dental trauma, and more. These services are catered to the needs of your child as they grow older and potentially require additional dental services, such as Invisalign in the teenage years.

Home dental care instructions and nutritional advice.

We share important details, such as:

  • The proper way to brush and floss at every age
  • Recommendations for the best dental care products
  • Personal tips based on the health of your child’s teeth
  • Diet information, such as minimizing sugar consumption, because it can affect tooth decay
  • Dental developmental stages as your child grows
  • How pacifiers, bottles, and thumb-sucking can impact dental health

We provide this information to empower you in the support that you can provide for your child’s dental health.

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What are the benefits of children's dentistry?

It’s extremely beneficial to develop good dental hygiene practices in kids as early as possible. Our dentists help:

Spot problems early!

Even though the primary teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth, dental disease in early life can have an impact on long-term dental health. It is important to be sure that your child’s primary teeth stay healthy at all ages.

Develop good at-home hygiene practices.

Our team will help implement good at-home hygiene practices to protect their teeth and gums.

Ease dental anxiety at an early age.

By introducing your child to the dentist at an early age, they’re more likely to become comfortable with routine cleanings and check-ups. This can help you as a parent save money on restorative or major dental treatments in the future. We provide a calm and relaxed environment for kids of all ages to ensure their first visit is as comfortable as possible. We do this by showing them all the tools we are using and explaining procedures to them in a way that makes them feel comfortable.

If a child is abnormally nervous about their dental treatment, we do have the option of nitrous oxide that will calm them during their restorative appointment.

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Children’s dentistry, also known as kid’s dentistry, is specified as pediatric dentistry, which focuses on dental care for kids. A pediatric office only treats children, where a family practice will see all ages. Our family dentists treat kids of all ages, all the way into their late teens. Common treatments associated with children’s dentistry include fluoride treatments, space management as a result of lost baby teeth, dental sealants, developing preventative treatment specific to kids for healthy teeth and gums, and much more.

Proper dental care and good oral hygiene should begin in infancy. Even before the teeth start popping up, you can use a soft, damp washcloth to wipe down the gums. As the teeth start to break through the gum line, it is essential to keep these teeth clean using a gentle toothbrush designed for infants. Look for a toothbrush labeled specifically for babies, which means that it will be soft-bristled and have a smaller head to fit in the child’s mouth.

Maintain the habit of brushing at least twice a day, helping the child understand the importance of good dental health. For best results, schedule regular cleanings and exams by the time your child is two years old. Not only are these appointments beneficial for identifying signs of dental diseases in the early stages, but it also gives your child an opportunity to learn about dental health.

Our office recommends the age of 2 for their first dental visit, unless there is any concern prompting an earlier visit.

Our family dentists treat kids of all ages, from when they have their first tooth to their late teen years. Our dentists have done everything from providing advice on how to brush infants’ teeth to creating an Invisalign treatment plan for high school students. Family dentists that focus on children’s dentistry help provide a more comfortable environment for young people — especially if they are prone to anxiety!

About Dr. Jennifer Silver

Dr. Jennifer Silver has been helping kids of all ages in Calgary develop brighter, healthier smiles for the past 15 years! She will work closely with you and your child to ensure you maintain regular dental check-ups and develop strong at-home hygiene practices to ensure strong teeth and gums for years to come.

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