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I took some time off from Dentistry due to constant hounding, and over-billing at previous place. I found Southcentre Dental and they have treated me very well – professional. My teeth & gums are happy again!

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Do you need a white or tooth coloured dental filling?

When a tooth is damaged or decayed, a portion of your tooth will need to be removed. Eliminating the decayed area keeps the problem contained and prevents the decay from spreading to other areas of your tooth that can cause a serious infection. The most common reason why dental fillings are recommended is to repair the cracked, broken, or worn-down sections of the tooth. Not only do dental fillings strengthen the structure of a damaged tooth, but they also help to restore the appearance — simultaneously boosting confidence in our patients’ smiles!

We provide white, also referred to as tooth-coloured, fillings so patients can restore the original strength of their teeth and protect them from decay and damage. The composite material we use for our white fillings is completely safe and does not carry some of the risks that metal fillings can.

Ever wonder how a composite filling is placed on your tooth?

There’s no need to feel anxious about getting a filling, we’ve laid out the entire process below so you know exactly what will happen at your next dental filling appointment.

  1. First, we administer a topical or local anesthetic around the affected tooth
  2. Once the tooth is numb, we isolate the tooth
  3. Then we prep the area and remove decay using a handpiece (drill)
  4. Then we clean and dry the cavity area
  5. Once the cavity area is clean and dry, we prime and place a bond (dental glue) on the tooth
  6. Then we apply the composite material layer by layer
  7. The composite filling is then cured with a UV light to harden it
  8. Then we adjust the filling according to your bite
  9. Lastly, we polish the filling to make it shiny and smooth — just like your natural tooth

Do you need a dental filling?

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What are the benefits of white composite fillings?

We offer white, also referred to as tooth coloured, fillings as a preferred treatment. Not only do these natural coloured fillings improve the overall aesthetics of your smile, but you can enjoy many advantages:

Colour Matching

We offer composite fillings that are selected to match the colour of your existing teeth. The goal is to minimize the distinction between the natural tooth and the dental restoration.

Chemical Bonding

The process of placing a dental filling uses tooth bonding technology, helping to strengthen the overall structure of the tooth. As a result, you can expect long-term results from the treatment.


We work hard to personalize the treatments for every patient. Tooth coloured fillings are versatile and can be used to repair teeth that have been worn, chipped, broken, or damaged by decay.


Most composite fillings need only a single appointment since they don’t require extensive restructuring of the tooth and can set in a short period of time.


The composite material used to fill cavities is extremely natural-looking and blends in well with natural enamel. The filling material can be customized to match your tooth shade for a result that provides subtle tooth improvement. Many of our patients who replace old metal fillings with white ones are very happy with their new smile appearance!

How long a filling lasts is dependent on the size of the filling, the location of the filling in your mouth, and the state of your oral hygiene. The key to longevity is the placement and good dental hygiene! Regular fluoride use can help reduce the risk of decay.

Composite fillings should not be replaced unless they break, are sensitive, or there is recurring decay. However, patients who seek out metal filling replacement may do so because their metal filling has weakened the tooth, is leaking, or has caused cracks in the enamel. You may also wish to replace metal with composite fillings in order to create a more attractive, uniform smile.

Common Types of Dental Fillings

Various types of materials can be used for dental fillings, but the long-term results vary depending on the quality of materials used:
  • Porcelain fillings
  • Gold fillings
  • Composite resin fillings
  • Silver amalgam fillings
  • Tooth-coloured plastic fillings

In the past, silver amalgam (made of mercury mixed with copper, zinc, tin, and silver) was a popular choice. But health concerns have been discovered related to amalgam fillings in the mouth, which is why many dentists no longer recommend this material for dental fillings. In fact, it is common for patients to visit a dentist so the silver fillings can be removed and replaced with tooth-coloured fillings.

About Dr. Jennifer Silver

Dr. Jennifer Silver has been providing patients in Calgary with tooth coloured composite fillings for the past 15 years! If you need a filling she welcomes you to contact her and will be open to discuss all the options available.

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