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I have had a very pleasant experience with both Dr Silver and her dental assistant. Happy I got referred to them by a friend – dr Silver does excellent work, is knowledgeable and straight up. I look forward to seeing them again for my next app!

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Get a straighter, whiter smile in as little as 3 visits with porcelain veneers

Have you always wanted an even, straight smile, but put the thought out of your mind based on an unwillingness to wear braces? Porcelain veneers can give you the smile you have always wanted, correcting many problems at once. The veneers process is faster than most alternatives, such as straightening your teeth with Invisalign, or correcting each problem with individual procedures.

Our dentist, Dr. Jennifer Silver, can provide you with porcelain veneers in just three visits — book your consultation today!

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers, sometimes referred to as dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain, designed to match the colour and texture of the rest of your mouth, therefore making them appear just like your natural teeth. They are bonded directly to the face of your teeth, covering up any deformities and dental defects that may be present.

The Porcelain Veneers Process

For most patients, porcelain veneers take on average 3 visits to complete. These include:

Visit One: Planning
Visit Two: Preparation
Visit Three: Placement

Smile Design

Since porcelain veneers are not a one-size-fits-all solution, smile design is one of the most important steps of any cosmetic dental procedure. During your first visit, Dr. Jennifer Silver will ask about your smile goals, discuss the overall procedure with you, and go over the colour, shape, length, and position of your teeth. She’ll then review photographs of your teeth and show examples of veneers on other patients.

Feel free to ask any questions you have during this initial consultation and don’t forget to book your next appointment to get started.

Preparing Your Teeth

When you come in for your second visit, Dr. Jennifer Silver will prepare your teeth for your veneers. After your teeth are properly prepared, we’ll take impressions and more digital photos. You will then be fitted with temporary veneers that you will wear until your next visit. We will send your impressions and other specifications to our lab where your custom-designed porcelain veneers will be created.

The temporary veneers will be very similar to your original goals discussed in the first visit. The position, shape, and length will match these criteria and give you the chance to get used to them and allow family and friends to give their input (if you wish). At this stage, any small changes you would like can be made and then given to our world-class ceramist who can make these changes in your final veneers.

Placing Your Veneers

Your veneers are placed during your third visit. They are carefully positioned and permanently bonded in place. Your veneers will be colour-matched to the surrounding teeth when they are created, however, the colour-matching can be fine-tuned when your veneers are placed. Like your natural teeth, the longevity of dental veneers is affected by how well you care for them so it is very important to maintain proper dental hygiene.

Ready for a straighter, whiter smile?

Porcelain veneers can improve the look of your smile in as little as 3 visits.

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What are the benefits of porcelain veneers?

There are so many benefits of choosing porcelain veneers to reach your cosmetic dental goals. These include:
  • They provide natural and beautiful looking results
  • They’re more resistant to staining
  • They help you regain confidence with your smile
  • They help strengthen your teeth and prevent further damage
  • The procedure requires almost no downtime
  • They have durable and long-lasting results
  • There’s no special care needed to maintain them, just regular dental hygiene practices
  • They’re customizable to the colour, shape, and size of your natural teeth
  • There’s no need to worry about gum problems, natural tissue tolerates porcelain

Advantages and Disadvantages of Veneers

Veneers are, without a doubt, modern dentistry’s best way to replicate nature. That is always the goal of cosmetic dentistry- to replicate nature, not try to improve upon it. Porcelain veneers are not the only option for changing one’s smile but are commonly used when a patient wants to gain a lot of control of their smile (change color, size, shape, etc).

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What dental issues can porcelain veneers correct?

Porcelain veneers are used to correct a number of different aesthetic dental problems including:
  • Damaged, cracked, or chipped teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Asymmetrical or slightly crooked teeth
  • Worn out teeth from clenching or grinding


  • Discoloration that is resistant to tooth whitening treatment
  • Teeth with large or noticeable gaps
  • Inadequate tooth enamel


Are you dealing with any of the dental issues listed above? Dr. Jennifer Silver and our team are here to help restore your smile back to one that you just can’t help but show off!

Who is a good candidate for Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers can treat a range of candidates, but they may not always be a viable solution for everyone. Viable candidates for porcelain veneers should have healthy, fully developed teeth and realistic expectations about what porcelain veneers can and cannot accomplish. In case you have severe periodontitis or cavities, your dentist might first recommend a treatment plan to restore the proper health of your teeth. Further, if you have fractured teeth or large fillings, your dentist may advise strengthening the integrity of your teeth before working on their appearance.

Taking Care Of Your Porcelain Veneers

Even though porcelain veneers are very durable, they can break and fail over time when not properly cared for. By exercising a little caution and providing a little care, you can enjoy the dependability, functionality, and cosmetic appeal of porcelain veneers.

Keeping your teeth and gums clean is very important if you want your veneers to last. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Brush and floss your teeth: At the very minimum, brush and floss twice a day (both morning and night). Keeping a veneered tooth as plaque-free as possible will help to ensure that tooth decay will not form.
  2. Try not to use your teeth as a tool: Opening bottles, nuts, and plastic packaging with your teeth place your veneers under extreme pressure. The forces from doing so may cause the tooth that is supporting the veneer to flex. As a result, the veneer could come off, break, or crack.
  3. Don’t bite hard foods or objects: Hard objects that you shouldn’t bite or chew include ice left in your drinks, tips of pencils, and your fingernails. Candy, apples, and nuts, on the other hand, fall under the category of hard-textured food. Try not to bite into hard objects and consider the texture of food before eating them.
  4. Protect your porcelain veneers with a mouth guard: If you participate in sports activities or clench and grind your teeth often, consider using a mouth guard. This oral appliance is worn in the mouth to protect your teeth and soft tissues from potential trauma.
  5. Avoid food and beverages that can stain your veneers: Though the veneer itself won’t discolour, the underlying cement that holds the veneer could stain. If this layer becomes stained, it will spoil the cosmetic appearance of the veneer. Take food and drinks that have the tendency to stain at a minimum and rinse your mouth after you eat or drink them.
  6. Regular dental visits: Regular dental visits are very important for the maintenance of porcelain veneers. The dentist will be able to monitor your veneers, teeth, and gums, check for potential problems, and perform cleanings.


Porcelain veneers are extremely strong when bonded to teeth, but they are not immune to damage. Like natural enamel, they can break or crack under certain circumstances. To keep your veneers looking beautiful and functioning well, we recommend that you avoid using your teeth for anything other than smiling and eating food. Teeth are not designed for tearing tape or fishing line, opening bottles, or holding pens or paperclips… the list goes on!

You should visit us at least twice a year to ensure optimum dental health and report any signs or symptoms of a problem. Also, remember to brush and floss veneered teeth just like the rest!

Porcelain is strong, durable, and natural-looking as a cosmetic dental material. It can be molded to fit the specifications of a damaged tooth and shaded to match your natural tooth colour.

Porcelain veneers can last 10 years or more for patients who take care of them; however, like natural teeth, they will undergo a certain amount of normal wear and tear. Depending on the foods you eat and your dental hygiene practices, the longevity of veneers will vary for each patient.

Porcelain veneers are meant to be permanent, meaning they’re replacing your natural teeth for the rest of your life. However, like your natural teeth, they may become damaged from general wear and tear depending on how well you care for them and how well you keep up on good dental hygiene practices.

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Dr. Jennifer Silver has been helping patients get the smile of their dreams with porcelain veneers for the past 15 years! She’d dedicated to working closely with you to reach your unique smile goals. Ready to perfect your smile? Book your first appointment with Dr. Silver today.

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