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From a painful toothache to a chip tooth, when dental emergencies arrive, it’s important that you act quickly. The sooner you seek treatment, the better for your overall oral health. At Southcentre Dental Clinic we are proud to offer emergency dental services in the Calgary area.

Our Southcentre Dental Clinic team is well trained and well equipped to handle any situation and we offer effective and affordable treatments when it comes to emergency dental care.

At Southcentre Dental Clinic, we offer emergency dental services for:

  • Facial pain/swelling
  • Chipped/fractured/cracked tooth
  • Dislodged filling
  • Tissue injury

Please contact us immediately if you have a dental emergency. Your health and oral care is important to us.

Southcentre Dental Clinic Emergency Dental Services:

Facial pain and swelling treatment

If you’re experiencing facial swelling and pain, you could be facing a more serious dental emergency, including abscess. Abscess occurs when bacteria reaches the nerve of your tooth because of underlying tooth decay, gum disease or because of a cracked tooth. It’s vital that you get immediate treatment as this is a serious infection.

We treat abscess with antibiotics to help reduce the pain, swelling and eliminate the bacteria from entering your bloodstream.

Chipped/fractured/cracked tooth treatment

Treatment for a damaged tooth will depend on severity of the damage. At Southcentre Dental Clinic our treatment options include fillings, dental cap/crown, dental veneers or in the most severest of cases, root canal. The main goal of all of these types of procedures is to help improve your appearance and smile.

Dislodged filling treatment

When a filling falls out, you may feel pain or discomfort—that’s why it’s critical that you make an emergency dental visit. If you leave a dislodge filling untreated, it could lead to a possible root canal or loss of the tooth. Treatment includes numbing the area and restoring the tooth with another filling. In some cases you may need a crown or cap to help restore the integrity of the tooth.

Remember that regular dental care is recommended to detect future problems with fillings.

Tissue injury treatment

Trauma, such as lacerations, cuts or other wounds to the lips, tongue and cheek—any type of trauma to the soft tissues of your mouth may require emergency dental care. Once in the chair, we’ll complete a thorough physical exam, checking for tooth and bone damage. Larger cuts may require stitches but treatment varies depending on each patient’s circumstances. In addition, we’ll prescribe an antibiotic to prevent future infections. The good news is that the mouth contains many blood vessels which promotes quick healing.

Emergency Dental cost

The total cost of your emergency dental procedure will vary on numerous factors of your surgery. At Southcentre Dental Clinic, we have payment options available to help you fit your treatment into your budget easily. Learn more about our financing options here.

About our Calgary Dentist Team at Southcentre Dental Clinic

Our team feels that our service and results are the reason for our continued success in the Calgary, Alberta community. The staff members are focused on each patient’s needs, and we strive to deliver excellent care and create a fun experience. We are proud to say that the majority of our patients come to us by word-of-mouth. If you’re anxious about dental care, our Calgary dentist, Dr. Silver, and her dental team will do everything in their power to allay your fears and make your visit as comfortable as possible. We believe laughter truly is the best medicine!

If you are looking for cosmetic dental treatments, TMJ treatments, dental implants, or other smile enhancement services located in Calgary, Alberta, give Southcentre Dental Clinic a try. Dr. Jennifer Silver and her team of friendly and fun dental professionals are here to make your visits to our practices easy and successful. Please call or email us today for an appointment.

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