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Another happy visit with Jenn Silver and her crew. I have NEVER felt so comfortable at a dentist in my entire life. Everyone, from reception to the hygienist, is wonderful.

— Carol Thompson, ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Google Review

Are you looking for a family dentist in Calgary?

It’s important for you and your family to have a dentist you can trust to give you a brighter, healthier smile! Taking care of your mouth and teeth is just as important as taking care of your heart and general health. We’re here to provide everyone including children, adolescents, adults, and seniors with the best dental care possible.

Our local Calgary family dentist, Dr. Jennifer Silver, and her team of dental hygienists will work closely with you and your family to develop a customized dental program. Our goal is to improve your overall oral health — focusing on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide array of disorders and diseases that affect the teeth, mouth and gums.

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry is, essentially, comprehensive oral health care for all ages under one roof. The term family dentistry is used interchangeably with the term general dentistry.

Our family dentists provide routine preventative and restorative treatments, such as cleanings, fillings, extractions, crowns, gum disease treatments, and more. During your dental exam, we can also screen for wisdom tooth concerns, oral cancer, and orthodontic needs.

Our family dentists will get to know your family personally and help look after your smiles for a lifetime. As your children “grow up” with us, they’re able to experience a familiar and comfortable outlook on dental care, helping to limit any phobias or anxiety-related to trips to the dentist. Another benefit of family dentists is if there’s ever an emergency or problem, you’ll already have a dentist you know and trust who is available to look after your family’s needs.

Do you need a family dentist?

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Why choose Southcentre Dental Clinic to be your family dentist in Calgary?

There are multiple benefits to having a family dentist including:

We Understand You And Your Teeth

Having us as your family dentist means we’re familiar with your family’s unique current and past circumstances and conditions. We’re here to build an ongoing relationship with each member of your family so that if there was ever a problem – such as a dental emergency – you’ll already have an established relationship with a dentist close by you know and trust.

We'll Make It Easy For The Entire Family To Get An Appointment

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that it’s easier to book everyone’s dental checkups in the same office. We help you avoid having to schedule different appointments across town — have you ever tried to get from one side of Calgary to the other in rush hour? Instead, everything is streamlined in the same Southcentre Mall location.

We Provide A Wide Range Of Dental Services

Our family dentists are able to provide a wider range of services from dental cleanings and fillings, to long-term restorative techniques that can help keep you and your family’s teeth healthy — well into adulthood.

We Help Eliminate Dental Anxiety

Choosing a family dentist may seem like a matter of convenience, but the truth is that you need to find an oral professional you can trust for years to come. Our team helps your family grow up seeing a familiar face in a comfortable environment for regular dental check-ins. Better yet, we provide different sedation options to ease the most anxious of individuals!


The best place to start when looking for a new family dentist in Calgary is to ask your friends, neighbours, or coworkers who their dentist is. If you’re starting to hear the same name mentioned over and over again, it’s usually a good sign.

Second, find out which family dentists take your dental insurance. Do you have a type of coverage that restricts you to a specific provider in your area? Double-check to make sure.

Third, is there a particular type of treatment that you or your family wants or needs? Start researching family dentists to see if those services are offered at their practice.

Lastly, consider setting up a consultation with one or two family dentists to get a feel for what the dentist is like and to see if they’re a good fit for you and your family.

It’s important to remember that the best dentists won’t force you into getting a treatment you don’t need. Find one who involves you in the treatment planning process and explains their findings to you. The better their office informs you about your oral health, the more empowered you’ll be to play a role in the type of care that you receive.

No, pediatric dentists cannot treat adults. Pediatric dentists are legally restricted to only provide dental treatments to children. Even though pediatric dentists have a 4-year dental degree prior to specializing in pediatrics, part of their specialization process means that they no longer practice outside of their area of expertise.

Once your child turns 18 – or when they’re mentally or emotionally ready to move on from seeing a pediatric dentist — they’ll have to find a new dentist to see. In that case, having a family or general dentist is the next step. Family or general dentists can see patients of all ages, so it’s possible for them to provide comprehensive family services without you having to make an extra trip to see a pediatric dentist.

If you as a parent ever have a dental emergency, you are unable to see your child’s pediatric dentist for treatment. You’ll need to have a family dentist who is able to offer adult dental services. That’s why so many families choose to bring their children to see the same dentist that they do for themselves.

General or family dentists see patients of all ages, including young children. However, pediatric dentists only treat children. So, if you’re looking for a Calgary dentist where your entire family can receive care, you’ll want to find a family or general dentist.

Family dental practices are equipped to offer treatments on both children’s and adult teeth. So, whether you’re due for a checkup or your child needs a small filling, you can make your appointments in the same location — or even the same day — with a family dentist.

Looking for cosmetic dental services?

Our team provides everything from teeth whitening to veneers.

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About Dr. Jen

Dr. Jennifer Silver is our local family dentist — she’s been giving families in Calgary brighter, healthier smiles for the past 15 years! She believes treating a patient as a whole and will take time to discuss procedures and treatment options to ensure you’re feeling comfortable with you or your family’s dental plan.

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