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Whether your teeth are dark now or not, you probably want to know why teeth darken, what you can do about it, and how to prevent it from happening in the first. Some darkening is under your control, but not all of it. No matter what the cause is, there are solutions to darkened teeth.

If It Stains Your Clothes It Can Stain Your Teeth

Clean, healthy tooth enamel is smooth and stain resistant, but repeated exposure to staining substances will eventually leave its mark. Coffee, red wine and tobacco use are just a few staining agents.

If your tooth enamel is damaged at all, your teeth will stain even faster. Drinking sodas, exposure to chlorine, and overzealous brushing are just a few things that erode tooth enamel. Severe tooth erosion can cause serious dental problems, but even mild erosion reduces your teeth’s natural stain resistance.


Just like your bones, your tooth enamel thins as you get older. Inside your tooth you have yellow dentin. When the enamel gets thin, dentin becomes visible and makes your teeth look dull and yellow. This happens even if you are kind to your teeth and religiously avoid all staining substances.


Tooth whitening can remove the stains in the enamel, lightening it. Whether your teeth are dark due to your personal habits or the natural effects of aging, Dr. Jennifer Silver can lighten them, and you can have your dazzling smile back.

There are some types of tooth darkening that do not respond to whitening but may be covered with porcelain veneers.

If you are ready for a brighter, whiter smile, please contact Calgary’s Southcentre Dental Clinic today.