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To learn more about the causes of TMD or TMJ, contact Calgary neuromuscular dentist Dr. Jennifer Silver, providing dentistry to Calgary and all of AlbertaMany of our Alberta patients are surprised to learn that their headaches and facial pain are caused by TMD/TMJ.

Temporomandibular joint disorder can affect your health in many other ways, triggering ear pain, bruxism (teeth grinding), and other painful symptoms. By understanding the causes of TMD/TMJ, you can take steps to prevent it from plaguing you in the future.

Clenching and Grinding Your Teeth
TMJ is often caused by trauma – either internal or external. Generally speaking, “internal” trauma occurs when patients clench or grind their teeth, often unknowingly in their sleep. Grinding and clenching (called “bruxism”) inflames the membranes of the muscles surrounding the temporomandibular joint, placing stress on the joint and/or misaligning it.

External trauma is any injury that is suffered to the jaw area. This can be a punch to the jaw, an awkward fall or a sports injury. An external injury can dislodge, damage, or otherwise misalign the jaw joint.

Misaligned Teeth
Poorly aligned teeth and an imperfect bite are not just a cosmetic dental issue. They cause your jaw muscles to stretch in an effort to bring your bite back into the proper alignment. This stretching puts a significant stress on the jaw joint and plays a role in the headaches and pain caused by TMJ.

Both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis can cause TMJ due to the slow loss of cartilage and bone erosion, which inevitably affects your posture and skeletal structure. The damage to your jawbone can cause intense pain and headaches.

Bad Posture
If you have poor posture or suffer from some other body mechanics and stability issue, these problems can affect the neck and jaw areas. These, in turn, can produce TMJ and its assorted symptoms.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of TMJ/TMD, please contact Southcentre Dental Clinic today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Silver. We can develop a TMJ treatment plan that will help you find permanent relief from your pain.