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Charcoal is an ingredient that can be found in some natural toothpastes.

Following a viral YouTube video in which a popular vlogger boasted that charcoal in toothpaste absorbs bacteria, eliminates toxins and, despite its dark color, whitens teeth perfectly, interest in this ingredient has increased significantly. But is using charcoal to whiten your teeth a good idea?

In the short-term, charcoal may be effective at removing stains from the surface of teeth. Working similarly to baking soda, this abrasive residue can polish stains away. What’s more, activated charcoal has been shown to bind toxins, which lends some credence to the claim that it helps keep teeth and gums free of bacteria. However, the long-term use of charcoal on the teeth is not yet known – and there is a fair amount of concern regarding its safety.

Charcoal may whiten teeth and bind certain toxins, but it can also erode tooth enamel and severely weaken the integrity of the teeth. Due to its abrasiveness, it may also cause teeth to look mottled or blotchy after it removes surface stains, and lead to yellowing and discoloration as it removes enamel. For these reasons, avoiding charcoal in toothpaste is likely your best bet.

If tooth staining or discoloration is marring your smile, Calgary dentist Dr. Jennifer Silver can help. Offering a range of tooth whitening options, Dr. Silver can safely and effectively brighten your smile and help you look your very best.

If tooth whitening alone proves insufficient to perfect your smile, Dr. Silver would be happy to discuss other cosmetic dentistry treatments – including tooth bonding and porcelain veneers – that can be used to whiten, strengthen, and enhance the overall beauty of your teeth.

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