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Calgary TMJ TreatmentThere are a number of treatment options available for relieving the painful symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder (often abbreviated as TMJ or TMD).

Because TMJ/TMD can be caused by a number of factors including bite conditions, teeth spacing problems and jaw alignment issues, choosing the right treatment option for you requires an accurate TMJ/TMD diagnosis. Using the principles of neuromuscular dentistry, Calgary dentist Dr. Jennifer Silver will determine the source of your discomfort and recommend a custom treatment plan to correct your unique condition and relieve your pain.

Employing K7 EMG technology, Jaw Tracking and TEN’s (Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation to relax your jaw muscles and neck/shoulder muscles, Dr. Silver will assess your bite and locate your jaw’s natural, comfortable resting position.

Depending on the specifics and severity of your condition, TMJ/TMD treatment may include:

  • Examination and potential postural correction with our NUCCA trained chiropractor
  • Coronoplasty- Re shaping the teeth to improve the fit and create a more balanced bite
  • Using an oral appliance to promote bite stabilization and jaw alignment
  • Using braces or Invisalign to correct a bite condition
  • Undergoing bite reconstruction to treat severe teeth alignment problems. With this option we can also correct very poor aesthetics at the same time

The causes and symptoms of TMJ/TMD vary widely among patients, and there is no single solution ideally suited to every person who suffers from TMJ/TMD. It’s important to undergo a thorough exam in order to find the best TMJ/TMD treatment option for you.

For more information about TMJ/TMD and the field of neuromuscular dental treatment, please see our TMJ/TMD Questions page.

If you would like to learn more about TMJ/TMD diagnosis and treatment, please contact the Southcentre Dental Clinic to schedule your personal consultation with Calgary, Alberta, dentist Dr. Jennifer Silver.

Jennifer Silver Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Jennifer Silver is a highly accomplished dental surgeon with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Her educational accomplishments include deans honours list, an oral surgery award and best research project. Prior to this degree, she graduated with honors from Dalhousie University’s Dental Hygiene Program and worked in this field for 10 years.

The areas of dentistry that holds special interest for Dr. Silver include oral medicine and whole-body dentistry. She currently devotes time and resources toward helping patients with TMJ pain and sleep apnea, while continuing to provide general dentistry as well. Future interests include devoting time to additional oral surgery training. Jen strives to treat her patients as if they were family. She strongly believes in a multi-disciplinary approach for patient care. She is part of a large network of specialists that she trusts and collaborates with when helping patients.