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Do you wish that your teeth would have that just-brushed feeling all day long? Or, desire that your teeth would become whiter while you’re eating lunch? Well, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) has teamed up with a nutritionist to help put together a list of foods that can actually cleanse and whiten your teeth just by eating them.

10 Foods That Cleanse & Whiten While You Chew
Our dentist, Dr. Jennifer Silver, would never recommend substituting a healthy brushing and flossing routine for eating, but if you’d like to improve your dental health even while snacking, you might want to check out these ten foods.

  • Basil — helps reduce oral bacteria
  • Carrots — help with the formation of teeth enamel and keep your gums healthy and stimulated because they’re so crunchy
  • Ginger — has natural anti-inflammatory properties that keep your mouth’s tissues healthy
  • Green tea — naturally helps reduce bacteria that can cause gingivitis
  • Lemon — naturally whitens teeth and helps maintain your body’s healthy pH levels
  • Salmon — contains a lot of Vitamin D which helps you to absorb calcium. Calcium is necessary for healthy, strong teeth
  • Quinoa — is loaded with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese all of which strengthen teeth
  • Kiwi — packed with Vitamin C which helps keep the collagen in your gums strong, protecting you from gum disease
  • Pineapple — causes you to produce more saliva and also has a lot of citric acid. When the two are combined, they act as a natural mouth wash.
  • Strawberries — help to scrub your teeth and improve gum health by being high in Vitamin C

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Now that we’ve shared ten foods that can help you keep your mouth and teeth healthy even just by eating, we want to take this opportunity to encourage you to visit our dental office at least twice per year. We specialize in all forms of dental hygiene, and, as a part of our general dentistry services, can help to ensure that your smile is as healthy and beautiful.

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Jennifer Silver Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Jennifer Silver is a highly accomplished dental surgeon with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Her educational accomplishments include deans honours list, an oral surgery award and best research project. Prior to this degree, she graduated with honors from Dalhousie University’s Dental Hygiene Program and worked in this field for 10 years.

The areas of dentistry that holds special interest for Dr. Silver include oral medicine and whole-body dentistry. She currently devotes time and resources toward helping patients with TMJ pain and sleep apnea, while continuing to provide general dentistry as well. Future interests include devoting time to additional oral surgery training. Jen strives to treat her patients as if they were family. She strongly believes in a multi-disciplinary approach for patient care. She is part of a large network of specialists that she trusts and collaborates with when helping patients.