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Did you know that getting dental cleanings three times a year can help protect against the daily bacterial assault that occurs in your mouth, even if you have a healthy mouth? Unfortunately, many insurance companies only cover two cleanings a year, a regimen that was adopted in the 1950s from toothpaste advertising campaigns in the 1930s and 40s.

However, the number of cleanings you require per year depends on your personal hygiene habits, genetic disposition, mineral content in your saliva, and diet. Some patients may require more frequent cleanings to fight the build-up of tartar, bacteria, and their toxins, while others may not need as many. Our hygienists can determine the appropriate frequency based on your individual needs.

By having more frequent cleanings, you can interrupt the cycle of bacterial build-up and keep your oral health at optimal levels. Additionally, more frequent cleanings allow for early detection of possible decay formation, which can now be reversed with advanced dental technology.

At our clinic, we consider all factors that affect your dental health and make our recommendations with the ultimate goal of total health and wellness for you. We understand that insurance coverage may dictate your cleaning intervals, but we give our recommendation based on your risks and let you make the choice. Come see us for your regularly scheduled cleaning and we’ll be happy to assess and make a recommendation for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.