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Today on Dr.Oz a show my beautiful wife loves ,they featured Sleep Apnea and possible treatment options.In fact it is featured on the Dr.Oz website

They used the ARES testing device we have our patients use at home to screen themselves for possible sleep apnea. The ARES unit is an amazing piece of technology that monitors many signs while you sleep including oxygen levels, the volume of the snore, how often you snore, pulse rate, blood pressure and most importantly, how often do you stop breathing.

Yes I did say stop breathing. This is a very common condition. Many people have symptoms of sleep apnea but do not realize they have it or the possible complications caused by the lack of oxygen and the impact on sleep patterns.

If you feel you may be suffering from sleep apnea please feel free to call my office and arrange a consult and if you wish test yourself with the ARES home screening device.