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The Epworth sleep apnea test is a short and simple questionnaire in which you are asked to rate your likelihood of dozing off or falling asleep in eight common situations, such as riding in a car or watching TV. It takes most people about two or three minutes to complete; you can take the test and score yourself at home.

Although it is a quick and easy test, the results are very meaningful. It is used by healthcare professionals worldwide as an initial assessment of daytime sleepiness, to determine if a patient may suffer from a sleep disorder and how severely it is affecting their health and lives. Used at home, it can help you determine if it is time to seek medical advice.

The Epworth test is particularly effective in detecting sleep apnea. Dr. Jennifer Silver uses the test to differentiate sleep apnea from primary snoring. Whether your snoring is caused by sleep apnea or not, Dr. Silver can help you stop. However, his approach to treatment will be affected by the underlying cause. If the Epworth test suggests that sleep apnea is at the heart of your snoring he may want you to use the Apnea Risk Evaluation System™ (AREAS), which monitors you while you sleep.

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