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Last month a study led by scientists at the University of Edinburgh found that a natural chemical derived from a plant can actually help in fighting tooth decay, also known as caries or cavities. Though not as serious as some other conditions, tooth decay is a highly preventable oral disease that affects a large population of people.

Like with many other conditions, prevention is key. Keeping up with routine dental exams can help detect conditions such as tooth decay before they become more complex. If you are in the Calgary region and have been putting off your dental exam, contact Southcentre Dental Clinic at (403) 278-1415 to schedule an appointment today.

The study which was published in the journal Chemical Communications found that a compound called trans-chalcone is capable of blocking the action of a key enzyme that permits bacteria to thrive in a person’s oral cavities. The blocking of the enzyme helps prevent biofilm from forming on the teeth. The compound is related to chemicals that are found in liquorice root.

The team of researchers plan to expand their study to include other natural products while exploring different ways that they can be integrated into products for consumer use to help prevent plaque build-up and improve dental hygiene.

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