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Do you have gum recession? Why do you have gum recession? Do I need a gum graft?

Gums shrink up your teeth for various reasons that include gum disease, bone loss around the teeth due to prolonged gum disease, clenching teeth, tooth grinding and trauma. The most common reason in my opinion is clenching and grinding. Excessive tooth clenching and grinding causes the bone around your teeth to breakdown and pull away from the crown of the tooth. The gums follow the shrinkage of the bone. Once the gums shrink they expose the root of your tooth.

This is the reason they are sensitive. There is no protective enamel on roots so its much easier for hot, cold and sweet food to irritate the nerve in the tooth. Tooth sensitivity can be occasional but in many cases the sensitivity is present all the time. If this sensitivity continues it can lead to extreme sensitivity and require fillings on the exposed root surface or the need for gum grafting to position gum back over the gum recession.

What are gum recession treatment options? To start many patents use desensitizing toothpaste such as Sensodyne. If this does not work then the options include fillings placed on the root surface or gum grafts. Gum grafts are very effective at treating the gum recession and therefore the tooth sensitivity. Rppt filling salos work but do have the downside of needing replacing over time and often can become unsightly due to colour staining especially in smokers. Dr. Silver uses a gum lift technique called pin hole surgery that does not involve the removal of a donor piece of gum that is cut from the roof of the mouth. If you live in the Calgary area and require gum grafting due to gum recession or tooth sensitivity please call or contact our office for a complimentary consultation.