Dental veneers are possibly the easiest way to repair the imperfections of your smile and add brilliance to your looks. Should you start to search around for dentists offering you veneers in Calgary, you’ll come across different types and price ranges for the treatment. In case you’re wondering about the rates, know that the costs of the procedure depend on the expertise and skills of the dentist. The final costs can also vary according to the number of appointments you’ll need. Read ahead for an overview of kinds of dental veneers in Calgary and the factors that can dictate your choice.

Veneers Cover a Range of Flaws

Your expert in cosmetic dentistry may recommend that you go for veneers for concealing flaws such as:

  • Worn down and eroded teeth
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Discolored teeth because of medications, fluoride staining, or root canal treatments
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Misalignment of a couple of teeth, they may also be uneven or improperly shaped
  • Longer teeth

Most people typically need to look for dental veneers in Calgary to improve the appearance of one or two teeth. Getting this procedure is also advisable when you want to correct only small problems that do not need extensive treatment like, for example, crowns and bonding.

Dental Veneers are Like a Thin Shell Covering Your Tooth

As your dentist will advise, covering a tooth with a wafer-thin shell can strengthen it and prevent further damage. The shell is bonded using special adhesives to the front of the tooth and improves your smile almost instantly. Most such procedures require no downtime. And, you can go back to work right away. Should you finalize getting dental veneers in Calgary, here are some of the positives you can expect.

  • Veneers are extremely durable and long-lasting. Once you opt for high-grade options like say, porcelain veneers in Calgary, you can expect that they will last you around 10 to 15 years.
  • You’ll clean and maintain your teeth with regular brushing and flossing without the need for any special care. Your dentist may only advise that you avoid eating hard things like candy and ice to prevent the possibility of cracking the veneer. Chewing on pencils or biting your nails exerts unnecessary pressure on the teeth and are best avoided.
  • Dental veneers in Calgary match the color of your original teeth perfectly. A skilled dentist can also alter the shape, size, and length of your teeth.
  • Most procedures can be completed within a few short appointments in around 4 weeks.
  • You won’t need to worry about gum problems since natural tissue tolerates porcelain well.
  • Most porcelain shells are resistant to staining. But, your oral care practitioner will recommend that you follow a careful routine for dental hygiene.
  • Porcelain mimics the slightly translucent look and texture of your teeth making it almost impossible to detect.

Choosing an Expert Dentist is Crucial

Getting dental veneers in Calgary may seem like a simple process. However, it is preferable to opt for an expert in smile makeovers who can prepare the tooth properly for attaching the covering. Here’s how the procedure works:

  1. The dentist who specializes in veneers examines your teeth and discusses the suitability of getting the treatment. You can talk about the possibility of getting discounts. That’s possible if you’re thinking of getting multiple porcelain veneers in Calgary. She may also suggest alternatives if the procedure will not give you the results you’re looking for.
  2. Using digital imaging applications, the doctor will take pictures of the flawed teeth. The scans also give a clear overview of the structure of the jaw. Accordingly, the doctor can create a detailed plan of action.
  3. The cast of your teeth is sent off to the laboratory, so a professional ceramist can create the shell for you. Most labs provide a 2-year warranty on the porcelain shells they make.
  4. Once the dentist receives the shell, she’ll call you in for attaching.
  5. After giving you local anesthesia to prevent the possibility of discomfort, the oral surgeon shaves off some of the natural flawed enamel. This is essential to make room for the shell. Typically, the dentist may remove about half a millimeter or the equivalent of the thickness of the veneer. If the reshaping is extensive, you may receive temporary veneers until the permanent shells are ready for attaching.

The Dentist Takes Special Care for Perfect Results

  1. Once the tooth is ready, the doctor will take her time positioning the veneer and making sure it is a proper fit. If needed, she may trim the shell so it matches the tooth perfectly.
  2. Special bonding cement is used to affix the veneer. Later, a specific light beam is used on the tooth so that the chemicals in the cement activate and harden quickly.
  3. After the final adjustments and clearing away of the excess cement, you’re ready to show off your new tooth. The dentist may schedule a follow-up appointment to make sure the gum tissue is healthy. If needed, you might need some more trimming to make sure the bite is perfect.

Precision and expertise are needed to make sure your smile is nothing but dazzling. For this reason, you may want to choose a dentist who is an expert in dental veneers in Calgary.

Veneers Can be Made of Different Materials

When looking for options for veneers in Calgary, you’ll learn that veneers can be made of porcelain or composite resin. Your dentist will likely recommend the right options depending on the maximum costs you have in mind. She will also advise you on the ideal kind of veneers that suit your requirements.

Composite Resin or Bonded Veneers

Should you opt for composite resin veneers in Calgary, you’ll learn that these shells can be created on the spot. Your dentist will design and affix them on the surface of the teeth right away without the need for multiple appointments. Most composite resin veneers are much more economical as compared to porcelains. And, you won’t need extensive preparation before the veneer is attached. In case you damage them and need repairs, the dental expert can take care of them for you. However, know that these veneers typically last for around 5 to 10 years only. Further, since they aren’t as durable as compared to other options, you could chip or crack them.


If you would prefer longer-lasting effects from your treatment, go for porcelain veneers in Calgary. These shells are made to order out of superior quality ceramic and customized to match your original teeth. As explained in the above sections, you won’t have to worry about staining. Or, the veneers standing out from the entire dental structure. Thanks to their light-reflecting quality, these veneers could be the better option for getting a brilliant smile.

Pre-Made Veneers

Patients looking for economical versions of porcelain veneers can opt for pre-made or instant veneers. Such shells are available in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Your dentist will match a ready-to-use veneer with your natural teeth and affix them just as porcelains. Most procedures can be done in a single appointment, so you’ll save on the cost of multiple sittings. But, you may not get the same results as customized shells or porcelain veneers in Calgary. Porcelains are more similar to your original teeth.


Lumineers® are an advanced version of porcelain veneers and made out of Cerinate® ceramic. This material is extremely durable with a lifetime of around 20 years. Because of the ultra-thin structure of these dental veneers in Calgary, you won’t need extensive restructuring of the existing tooth. Further, the treatment can be completed in just a couple of appointments without the need for anesthesia giving you almost instant results. The main downside of Lumineers® is that they are more translucent as compared to conventional porcelain. As a result, the discoloration of your teeth may show through. Patients have also talked about the veneers coming off within a short while.


If you’ve had procedures like crowns and implants, Zirconia is a good option for restoring the appearance of your teeth. Long-lasting and durable, Zirconia is suitable for back teeth. That’s because they go through more wear and provide strength to the structure of the dentures. Patients who have extensive damage and tooth decay can also opt for this procedure. These types of veneers in Calgary are also advisable if you have extensive discoloration. That’s because Zirconia is a somewhat opaquer material and conceals the damage better. Once fitted, you may need to get the veneers replaced every 10 years.

CEREC® Veneers

Acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics system, the CEREC® is advanced technology. This technique allows your dentist to create these veneers in Calgary on the spot. Similar to composite resin but an innovative option, the CEREC® can give you quick results without the need for multiple sittings. However, chances are that these shells won’t give you natural-looking results that you can get from porcelain veneers in Calgary.

Palatal Veneers

If you have severe damage in your upper teeth and you’re looking for an option to strengthen them, you might want to consider getting palatal veneers. These shells are made with gold, but you can also look for composite or porcelain veneers in Calgary.

Non-Permanent Veneers

Patients who are looking for a quick fix to repair the appearance of their teeth can also go for non-permanent veneers. You can buy the kits and attach the resin or plastic shells when needed. Use this option when you don’t have the time to visit the dentist or schedule appointments right away. When you’re ready for more permanent solutions to repair your smile for good, you can always remove them. At the time of choosing the veneers, you’ll simply check through the kits. And, choose the one that matches your natural teeth closely. No trimming or buffing is needed. Maintaining these dental veneers in Calgary is also a lot easier. You can remove them, clean your teeth, and snap them back on.

Your Dentist Will Talk to You About What to Expect

Although getting veneers in Calgary is one of the best ways to repair the imperfections of your smile, it is best that you understand everything about the procedure before signing up. Here are some of the factors your dentist will talk to you about.

  • Before choosing the proper veneers in Calgary, the doctor will evaluate your entire dental structure and bite carefully. The shells you choose must match the front and back teeth. Further, know that each veneer must blend with your facial symmetry and overall personality. That’s because your teeth can give your face a softer, more feminine or masculine appearance.
  • Once your teeth are buffed and trimmed to accommodate the veneer, you’ll have to get replacements at the end of their life cycle. Expect that the procedure is not reversible.
  • Your dentist will take the utmost care when scraping the enamel. However, some patients may experience a little sensitivity because of the missing protective layer.
  • Even though you choose the best dental veneers in Calgary, they are not entirely immune to chipping and cracking. Patients must take good care of the shells and come in for regular cleanings and maintenance. Your doctor will advise that you restrict any foods and beverages that caused discolorations in the first place.

Your Dentist Will Evaluate You As a Good Candidate

Not everyone is a good candidate for dental veneers in Calgary. In case you have severe periodontitis or cavities, your dentist might recommend a treatment plan to restore the proper health of your teeth. Once you regain good health, you can move on to getting a smile makeover. Further, if you have fractured teeth or large fillings, your dentist may advise strengthening the integrity of your teeth before working on their appearance.

Rely on the Expertise of Your Dentist

If you think getting veneers in Calgary can improve your smile and good looks, work with an expert dentist who has the expertise and training. With the right advice and techniques, you can get the perfect smile you want. Consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Silver at Southcentre Dental who can suggest the best course of treatment for you. For more information, we welcome you to add your contact details to the form on our Contact Us page, and we’ll get back to you. You can also call this number to talk to a live agent: (403) 278-1415.


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