Medical and dental emergencies can happen at any time. When you need care in unexpected situations, it helps to know of a reliable facility where you can get help right away. You’ll need a professional trained in handling injuries who you and your family can trust. Check out our emergency dental clinic in Calgary and you’ll meet our professionals who are adept at providing treatment with sensitivity to children and senior citizens. Spend time familiarizing your family with our team so you know of a secure and trusted place that you can visit when needed. Read ahead for some detailed information to keep in mind when looking for a facility that is open at inopportune times.

Common Problems for Which You Might Need an Emergency Dentist in Calgary

Most patients need to contact an emergency dentist in case of severe tooth pain or an injury because of a fall. You or a child might even need treatment for a sports injury when playing. Here are some of the instances when you must contact your practitioner right away:

  • Broken, chipped, or missing teeth after a slip and fall at work or at home
  • Painful dental crown
  • Tooth abscess and pus forming because of a bacterial infection
  • Tooth filling falling out
  • Dislodged dental crown or veneer, inlay or onlay, or dental bonding
  • Cuts inside the oral cavity after a bike or car accident or work-related incident
  • Chips or breaks in the teeth after drinking from a glass bottle or eating hard food like candy or ice
  • Broken wire in your braces or a damaged dental appliance

Often times, you might not be in severe pain, but only have some amount of discomfort. It is advisable to contact your emergency dental clinic in Calgary and request an appointment as soon as possible. That’s because what seems to be a minor problem could be a symptom of a more serious condition that needs speedy treatment.

You’ll Receive Advice on the Basic First Steps to Take in a Dental Emergency

When you contact our clinic, make sure to inform us of the symptoms, so the doctor can determine if you have an urgent care situation that she needs to look at. Like, for instance, if the pain from the tooth is radiating to your neck and face, you could have a dental infection. The emergency dentist will likely schedule an appointment and ask you to come in right away. Meanwhile, she’ll advise you to take simple first-aid precautions.

  • If you’ve lost a tooth, place it in a cup of milk and bring it to the clinic. Pack the tooth cavity with sterile gauze, a cool, used teabag, or a clean cotton ball.
  • If you have dislodged fillings or a crown, bring it with you. The doctor might be able to reattach it.

You’ll Want to Choose an Emergency Dentist in Calgary Located in the Neighborhood

When scouting around for a good emergency dental clinic in Calgary, you’ll want to pick a facility within the neighborhood. Ask for recommendations from friends and family for a place that is within driving distance from home or work, preferably less than 30 minutes away. Look for a clinic that is close by so you can reach it in time in case of a dislodged tooth. Being able to get to a good dental center quickly can lower some of the stress you’re likely feeling when in severe pain.

Check for the Hours When the Emergency Dental Facility is Open

Considering that dental accidents can happen at any time, check with the clinic for the hours they keep. Look for an emergency dental care provider that is open 24×7, in the evenings and on weekends. In addition, you’ll want to ask about the urgent care services they provide. For instance, if you need quick solutions like restorative care for a cracked or dislodged tooth. Can the practitioner at the emergency dental facility help you without the need for visiting an alternative clinic later? Also, inquire about the practitioner’s availability on holidays and if the clinic has someone to help you, at all times. Chances are that urgent care dental facilities are only available in the bigger cities. If you live in a small town, prepare in advance for unexpected problems.

Inquire About Getting Insurance Coverage in Emergencies

An important factor about getting treatment at an emergency dental clinic in Calgary is that you might have to pay higher charges. If you’ve chosen to visit a facility that is not a part of your insurance provider’s network, expect to pay high out-of-pocket costs. Avoid this expense by choosing a good dentist and work out if they can connect with your health insurance company. Many clinics offer to coordinate with the carrier directly and submit a claim, so you won’t have to pay cash.

Alternatively, you can check with the insurance company for the practitioners in their network that also provide urgent dental care. Make your choice accordingly because oral care can be very expensive and without insurance, the costs can become even higher. In addition to getting coverage, you could also ask the dentist for any discounts they provide. Or, if they have easy payment plans you can avail. If you think you might not be able to cover the costs, check your local health department for information about dental schools. The emergency dentists at the school might provide you help at affordable prices.

Check for the Credentials of the Emergency Dentist in Calgary

It is advisable that you do your homework about the best emergency dental clinic in Calgary before an unexpected situation arises. Here’s how:

Check the Canadian Dental Association Website

A good first step would be to check the listings provided by the Canadian Dental Association. You’ll find a detailed list of the practitioners and clinics in your neighborhood. An added advantage is that doctors who are members of the organization must abide by the code of regulations. The dentists are also sure to follow the principles of ethics, advisory opinions, and protocols for professional conduct. You’ll have complete assurance of getting the best possible care whatever may be the situation.

Check Patient Reviews Online

Confirm that the dentist you’re considering has the expertise to help you. A good way to do that is to check online for reviews from patients who have received treatment in the past. Read about their experiences and you’ll know if the practitioner is suitable for your requirements. You’ll also get a fair overview of what to expect and the standards of care you’ll receive if you choose to visit the emergency dental clinic in Calgary.

Check for the Practitioner’s Qualifications

When you check dental websites, you’ll find the qualifications and education of the practitioners on the team. Make sure the emergency dentist has mandatory licensing from the state board. Remember, at the time of dealing with an urgent situation, you may not have the time to check for the credentials of the doctors. Choosing a clinic close by is no doubt convenient, but you may want to keep other factors in consideration also. You’ll want to check for the experience levels of the doctors and the number of years for which they’ve been practicing.

Check for Community References

Many local news websites or magazines carry advertisements for dental facilities in the neighborhood. Take your time checking through them. You might even receive flyers in your mailbox. Study them and you’ll find a great emergency dental clinic in Calgary where you can get help quickly. Recommendations from friends and family members are also a great source of information.

Once you find a good emergency dental facility, visit the facility and spend some time talking to the dentist for more information. This time you spend can be invaluable when you need care in a hurry.

Talk About Getting Sedation Dentistry if Needed

Depending on the type of treatment you need, the dentist might have to give you sedation so you remain comfortable. Anesthesia given for dental treatment can be of different kinds including the types where you’re awake but unaware of any pain. Others may put you to sleep for a while with after-effects that might take time to wear off. In any case, you’ll need an oral practitioner who is trained and has the necessary licensing to give sedation. At the time of choosing the right emergency dental clinic in Calgary, inquire about their protocols for administering anesthesia.

What if You Need a Follow-Up Appointment?

Even after getting urgent dental treatment, you might need to come back for a checkup. Or, you might need additional care. For instance, in case of a tooth infection, the emergency dentist might give you painkillers and perhaps, a dose of antibiotics. But, you must ask if you can contact the clinic if you have additional questions and follow-up care. What if the pain does not go away? Can you get in touch with the clinic again? Will there be a doctor on call to help you?

Check for the Equipment and Hygiene Standards at the Emergency Dental Facility

To ensure that you get nothing but the best of care in an emergency, you’ll want to visit a facility that has state-of-the-art equipment. Look around for the standards of hygiene and efficiency. Check if you feel comfortable about getting treatment here. You’ll also want to bring your dental records and talk to the doctor about your oral care history. Discuss the procedures you had in the past and the teeth cleaning schedule you follow. It is advisable that the practitioner at the emergency dental facility is familiar with any known allergies and other precautions to follow when treating you.

By the time you leave the facility, they should have a permanent file on record for future reference. If you intend to bring children and senior citizens to the urgent care clinic, check if the oral care practitioner is trained in pediatric dentistry and caring for the elderly. If you or a family member does not speak English, you’ll want to make sure that communication will not be an issue. Choose an emergency dental facility that has an interpreter on board.

Do keep in mind that most dental clinics have introductory meetings and initial consultations free of cost or any hidden charges. You can take your time choosing a practice where you feel at ease.

Avoid the Need for Urgent Care by Taking Precautions

On your part, you can take the necessary precautions so that the need for urgent treatment does not arise. Take care of your teeth by following a proper dental hygiene routine. Come in for regular checkups and avoid chewing hard foods like candy and ice. If you use braces or other dental appliances, follow the directions of the dentist on how to care for them and prevent injuries. Above all, never use your teeth as tools for opening bottles, cans, and packages.

What to Do in a Dental Emergency?

When you do have an urgent care situation, call the emergency dental clinic and request an appointment. Explain that you need treatment right away. In case the clinic is busy and has long waiting times, you might want to choose an alternative. Make sure you don’t have to wait too long to get attention.

Emergency dental situations can come up at any time. For this reason, it is best that you familiarize yourself and the family with an expert practitioner like Dr. Jennifer Silver at the Southcentre Dental Clinic in Calgary. She is trained in providing urgent care and will offer you expert advice. Would you like more information? Call us at this number: (403) 278-1415 and talk to a team member who can help. You could also fill the Contact Us page with your details and query. We’ll get back to you with responses at the earliest.

Don’t compromise on the best of care for your family when you need it urgently. Visit our clinic and let us help!


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