Providing Better Smiles to Calgary & nearby areas of Alberta

Taking care of your teeth is just as important as taking care of your general health. Canadian general dentist, Dr. Jennifer Silver and his dental team can take care of all of your general dentistry needs. Dr. Silver was born and reared in England came to Canada in 1991 after meeting his current wife, Juliet. In 1996, Dr. Silver moved to the Calgary area and achieved his goal of starting a dental practice where patients feel safe and comfortable.

With so many advances in dental problem diagnosis and treatment, there is no longer any reason to avoid going to the dentist. Gone are the days of painful drilling and hours and hours in the dentist’s chair for one small procedure.

We can take care of your entire family by performing regular checkups and teeth cleanings; by seeing you regularly, we can carefully monitor your dental health and find problems in the early stages. We can inspect your teeth and gums for early signs of decay or disease and provide you treatment before the problem becomes much worse and much more difficult to treat.

If your teeth are showing signs of decay, there are a variety of treatment options including tooth-colored fillings. Silver amalgam fillings are a thing of the past. Now, patients can have a beautiful smile, and no one will even know you have fillings because they look so much like your natural teeth. Filling teeth with tooth-colored fillings is quick and painless and will leave you with newer, stronger teeth that can last many years.

Dr. Jennifer Silver, Calgary general dentist, and his team will put you at ease and make sure your dental problems are found and treated in the early stages. Please contact Southcentre Dental Clinic today to schedule your initial appointment.