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One of the questions we often get about Invisalign® is whether or not it is possible to wear only one Invisalign aligner – for your top teeth or your bottom teeth – but not both. The short answer? Yes. The long answer? Yes, but it’s exceptionally unlikely.

You do not have to wear both sets of aligners if your doctor doesn’t think it’s necessary. Invisalign is a flexible, customizable treatment method, and the specifics of your teeth and bite alignment might be such that you only need to have the top or bottom teeth fixed. If this is the case, then the doctor can fit you for one set of aligners instead of the usual two.

Unfortunately, this is rather unlikely. Dr. Jennifer Silver has a wide range of technology designed to diagnose your bite problems, and in the overwhelming majority of cases, treatment with both aligners is necessary. Even if your top or bottom teeth are quite sound, if the opposite set requires adjustment, then the teeth without issues might still need an Invisalign® aligner to guarantee they fit comfortably and safely with their newly aligned counterparts.

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