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Flossing is an important step in any proper dental hygiene routine. Many people skip flossing under the assumption that brushing alone is adequate to remove food and plaque from their teeth. However, avoiding this necessary step will result in an increased risk for gum disease and tooth decay, which may result in invasive and avoidable dental procedures.

Why Flossing Matters

Your tooth brush is incapable of removing food and buildup from between your teeth. Small particles of food that cannot be seen remain in between your teeth even after you brush. Left in place, these particles along with plaque buildup combine to slowly eat away your tooth enamel.

Plaque is a natural byproduct of every food and beverage you consume. Plaque takes a mere 24 hours to turn into tartar, which is not only harder to remove, but it serves to secure bacteria onto your teeth. Providing a protective shell for bacteria, they can begin deteriorating your tooth enamel, leading to decay and infection. Only flossing can remove plaque and food from in between your teeth before it has a chance to turn into tartar and becomes a serious dental concern.

Flossing is a simple process that takes less than two minutes a day. During your biannual visits to our Calgary, Alberta office, one of our experienced dental hygienists will discuss proper flossing with you to help make this important daily practice that much easier.

If you live in or around Calgary, Alberta and would like to learn more about proper dental hygiene, please contact Dr. Jennifer Silver to Southcentre Dental Clinic to schedule an appointment today.