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Mini Implants are a fairly new introduction to the Implant field.

Basically the name says it all. They are narrower than traditional implants and so can be used in area where available bone quantity is a issue. They can also be loaded immediately in certain situations. What does loading immediate loading mean? Traditional implants in most situations cannot be placed into the bone and then be used in the bite straight away.

Bone needs to osseointegrate onto the implant. This process of the bone joining to the implant takes 3 months plus. For patients with loose dentures waiting three plus months is an eternity. Most denture wearers (both partials and full), can in many situations have the mini implants placed and then attached to the denture the same day. This will create a very firm fit immediately. If you think you are a candidate for immediate mini implants to fix your denture problems call our office and arrange a free consultation. We would be happy to discuss your options.