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When you lose a tooth you may not think of it as being a critical issue, especially if the tooth sits back further and is not visible. Since teeth are meant to work together, the loss of a tooth can actually impact your oral health and have more serious long term consequences. For missing teeth dental implants are an effective option.

Unlike partial dentures and bridges which only fill the space where the tooth once was, dental implants replace the missing tooth in its entirety, including the root structure below the gum tissue.

If you choose not to replace a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth may begin to shift, causing gaps and problems with food consumption, speech, and jaw alignment. Implants become a part of the mouth over time by slowly integrating with the jaw bone.

The advantages of tooth replacement include:

  • Improved function, including better speech and chewing ability
  • Decreased risk of gum disease
  • Reduced risk of bone resorption where the tooth was lost
  • Stability for surrounding teeth
  • Facial features won’t lose structure from loss of support

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