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Porcelain Veneers in Calgary

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Porcelain Veneers in Calgary. Have you always wanted an even, straight smile, but put the thought out of your mind based on unwillingness to wear braces? It may be possible to give your teeth and smile the appearance of being straight with porcelain veneers without the need for braces. This will depend on your unique situation which can be evaluated and discussed at your consultation.

Veneers are extremely thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth. Our dentist uses E-Max porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers can correct many dental defects including:

  • Discoloration that resists tooth whitening
  • Mismatched shapes
  • Slight crookedness
  • Small chips
  • Superficial but visible tooth cracks
  • Smile gaps

For many patients, porcelain veneers are the ideal straightening solution — there are no brackets, no long treatment times, and no soreness due to gradually moving teeth. They are sometimes referred to as “instant orthodontics”. Getting a straight smile in as little as two visits is possible.

Durable and Attractive

Veneers have been shown in studies to last up to 10 years. This will vary depending on your individual situation such as bite,habits and hygeine.

The Dental Veneers Procedure

During the first visit, Dr. Cload will go over the procedure steps and answer your questions. You will talk about smile design and discuss your desired results. You will also schedule your next visit.

During the second visit, Calgary dentist Dr. Cload will take digital photos of your teeth. Your teeth will be prepared to receive the veneers, more digital photos and a bite impression will be taken and sent along with other information to our lab for design and fabrication. You will be fitted with temporary veneers to wear while your final veneers are being constructed.

During your third visit, your new veneers are precisely positioned and bonded in place. Fine adjustments to color matching can be made at this stage so your veneers will look natural and normal in your mouth.

Your veneers will be stain-resistant and strong.

Problems that Porcelain Veneers Fix

Dental Veneers Calgary

If you have damaged, cracked, chipped, or decayed teeth, Dr. Steven Cload and his team at Southcentre Dental Clinic in Calgary, Alberta are here to assist you restore your smile back to one that you just can't help but show off. Our cosemtic dental team wants to help you feel confident and happy about your smile. That is why we provide our patients with the option to get porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of porcelain, designed to match the color and texture of the rest of your mouth, therefore making them appear just like your natural teeth. They are bonded directly to the face of your teeth, covering up any deformities and dental defects that may be present.

Chips and Cracks

Teeth are not indestructible and may get chips and cracks through either normal day-to-day wear or from accidents with hard foods or objects. Whether your teeth have minor cracks or have suffered quite a lot of damage, porcelain veneers are an option that will improve the function and the appearance of your teeth. Dental veneers are a great option that will make your smile look as good as new.

Crooked Teeth

If your smile isn't as straight as you would like but do not want the pain and abrasion that braces can cause to your mouth, porcelain veneers are a fast and lasting option that won't cause you any pain. Calgary Dentist, Dr. Cload can place the porcelain veneers on your teeth to cover any gaps that may exist, creating a beautiful, intact smile.

Discolored Teeth

Teeth can lose their shine after years of eating and drinking foods and beverages that stain your teeth. Teeth can also have discoloration from too much fluoride, which causes white streaks on your teeth. Porcelain veneers are stain resistant and once applied, will remain the same shade as long as you have them.

Your transformed smile is just a few visits away. Southcentre Dental Clinic in Calgary, Alberta welcomes new cosmetic dental patients. Please contact us today to schedule a porcelain veneers consultation.

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