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Providing Better Smiles to Calgary & nearby areas of Alberta

One smile is not the same as the next, and determining what will make your smile uniquely beautiful and suited to your appearance requires a thorough understanding of your smile anatomy and the aesthetics that make the difference between a healthy smile and a beautiful smile. Talk to

A Balanced Smile

What makes your smile look straight is the balance between the midline and smile line, two imaginary lines that define the center of your face and the line where your lips connect. A “straight’ smile is one where the midline and smile line connect at a 90-degree angle in the center of your face. However, nobody has a perfectly straight smile, and most individuals’ faces are not symmetrical. Your nose may not be straight or centered on your face, your eyes may be different sizes or one may be higher than the other, or either side of your lips may not be symmetrical.

Smile Aesthetics

We take several aspects of your smile aesthetics into account whenever creating or placing any dental restoration, like dental implants, or when creating a smile enhancement.

At Southcentre Dental we look at:

  • Tooth shape, including rounded or square teeth, width, length, thickness, etc.
  • Gum line shape
  • Tooth color, including subtle hue changes and overall tint
  • Tooth spacing, gapping, or crowding
  • Lip size and shape
  • Facial shape

Creating the best possible smile for you will include matching your smile to all these things, as well as your own personal preferences for tooth whiteness or even changing the shape of teeth you feel are too large, overly prominent, or too small. We can make subtle or dramatic changes to any of these aspects of your teeth to make your smile more attractive and still natural-looking.

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Design Principles of a Beautiful Smile

So much goes into the planning of cosmetic treatments. If you choose a smile makeover, our team will customize your treatment plan based on your unique needs and goals. We combine a variety of dental services to give you a healthy, happy mouth to enjoy for many years. Here are a few more details about the smile design principles that are evaluated while planning your ideal dental services.

As you can see, it is truly an artistic process to work with a cosmetic dentist for a smile makeover. These dental services are designed to ensure the functionality of the teeth while creating an optimal plan to complement your facial features and overall appearance.


Every smile design starts with the facial midline, which is an imaginary line that runs vertically between your upper front teeth. Ideally, this line should be in the middle of the face, with prominent facial features lining up to match

Smile Line

The smile line is found at the top of your bottom lip. When you smile, the lower lip should be parallel to the bottom edges of your upper teeth. These smile lines guide the way the dental restorations are shaped and curved, ensuring optimal results from our smile line dental clinic.

Facial Features

Not only do we need to consider how the teeth look in your mouth, but it’s also important to evaluate how your dental alignment fits with the appearance of your facial features. Muscular and bone structure considerations need to be factored into the planning of your new smile.


What are the subtle characteristics that affect the overall appearance of your teeth? We pay attention to the unique color, marks, and even the way your teeth reflect light. The goal is to ensure that restorations match your natural teeth as closely as possible, so you can’t see a difference between the natural tooth and the treated areas.


It is essential to understand the proportions and relationships of the teeth, especially the visible teeth in the front of your mouth. The goal is to create balance and precision in the sizes, shapes, layout, and arrangement of the teeth and gums.

Is it Possible to Design the Perfect Smile?

Many aspects need to be evaluated to create the ideal restoration plan for your smile. Is it possible to create a perfect smile? Keep in mind that the “ideal” or “perfect” smile changes for each person, depending on age, personality traits, looks, and goals. The perfect smile for one person can be quite different than the treatments needed for someone else, which is why it is important to work with an experienced cosmetic dentist.

This custom treatment plan is designed with your needs in mind, helping to create a smile that you love. Our smile denture clinic in Calgary will help you choose a smile makeover plan, while providing individual recommendations that fit your needs and characteristics. If you are interested in discussing your smile anatomy please contact our office today, welcoming patients from all areas of Alberta.

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