Providing Better Smiles to Calgary & nearby areas of Alberta

What do we mean when we talk about “smile anatomy”? Simply put, your smile anatomy is all the individual characteristics that work together to make your smile uniquely yours. Your smile is more than just teeth and gums. It is affected by your:

  • Facial features
  • Lip shape
  • Tooth shape
  • Tooth color
  • Tooth size
  • Gum line
  • Personality

A little change to any of these can alter the impact of your smile. You may think, for example, that cosmetic dentists offer tooth whitening treatments for patients who have otherwise perfect smiles. But the whiteness of your teeth has an effect on how others view you, and a brighter white is often seen as an indication of health, youth, and wealth, even if your teeth are not perfectly straight. Evening up your gum line, changing the shape or size of one tooth, can give you the confidence in your appearance that you need to experience life to its fullest potential. If you would like to learn more about how making a small change to your smile can make a big impact in your life, please contact Calgary dentist Dr. Cload today, welcoming patients from all areas of Alberta.