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There is no TMJ speciality in dentistry.

There are general dentists in Calgary who have received extra education in treating patients with TMJ compared to their training in dental school. Treatment of TMJ often involves the creation of a dental orthotic, sometimes called a dental splint. The style of the orthotic varies greatly. Sometimes they are made for the upper teeth, sometimes for the lower teeth. They may fit only on back teeth, only on front teeth and most often cover all the teeth on the arch it is made for.

Yes it sounds confusing and it is in reality. The decision as to the position the dentists places the bite is also very varied. Depending on their training in TMJ treatment the dentist may base the bite on the tooth position, various jaw joint positions, no position and based also on the muscles of the head and neck.

In Dr. Silver experience the orthotic position where it creates the most relaxed jaw muscles works the best. This is based on a technique of neuromuscular treatment. Much of the pain associated with TMJ related symptoms such as headaches, neck ache and jaw pain in Dr. Silver experience is muscle pain which is why the treatment is directed at relaxing these muscle to help release the tension and lactic acid build up within the muscles.

If you already have a dental splint or dental orthotic to treat your TMJ and have found it did not accomplish the pain relief you wanted it may be the design of the orthotic. An orthotic created using a different technique may treat your symptoms. If you would like a complimentary consult to review your symptoms and potentially wearing an orthotic with a different design please contact Dr. Silver