Tooth damage can occur because of several reasons. For instance, tooth decay, cavities, erosion, or minor cracks and chips because of an injury. Thanks to the advancement of dental science, you need not go through life with any imperfections that can take away from a perfect smile. Should you discuss repairing minor flaws with cosmetic dentistry options, dentists typically recommend getting fillings. Made of different kinds of durable materials, fillings can restore strength and integrity to the damaged tooth. As a result, you can eat, chew, and speak normally. A visit to our clinic for tooth-colored fillings in Calgary can get you all the relevant information you need.

Dental Fillings in Calgary Can be of Different Kinds

While you can choose fillings of different kinds, it is advisable to go for materials that closely resemble the color and overall appearance of your natural teeth. You’ll have a choice of gold, silver amalgam that consists of a mix of metals, or porcelain. Colored plastic and composite resin are other alternatives that also work well. Dentists may recommend that you opt for composite fillings in Calgary that blend perfectly, and don’t stand out when you speak or laugh. Several factors can influence your choice such as the cost of the treatment and placement of the tooth that needs filling. Teeth that are in front or visible will need naturally-colored materials.

Composite Fillings Have Been Around Since the 1960s

Although composite materials for dental fillings have been around since the 1960s, modern-day options are much more durable and aesthetically appealing. Improvements over the years have resulted in versatile versions that are easy to insert and affix. Most fillings have an outer structure of hard matrix material made with acrylic called BIS-GMA. This shell encases glass filler particles that make up composite resin. The specific coloring comes from trace metals like copper, gold, and cobalt while elements like titanium oxide and zirconium lend opacity to match your original teeth. You can expect that the treatment you get at our clinic for tooth-colored fillings in Calgary will restore close to 85% to 95% of the strength of your teeth.

Understanding the Positives of Composite Fillings in Calgary

When visiting our clinic for tooth-colored fillings in Calgary, you’ll learn that composite resin or white filling, as it is also called, has various positives over other materials. Here are some of them:

  • Composite is highly durable, resistant to wearing away, and rarely chips and cracks with regular usage.
  • Dental caregivers can match the color and translucency of the original teeth so that the fillings are almost impossible to notice.
  • Composite is ideal for small and mid-sized fillings for teeth that are likely to take only moderate pressure from chewing.
  • Dentists can affix the composite filling firmly using adhesives so you have a lower possibility of losing or dislodging it.
  • Getting dental fillings in Calgary typically needs only a single appointment. Other materials may require the dentist to take impressions of the cavity and place orders for customized inlays or onlays. For this reason, you may have to come back for multiple sittings until the tooth is properly restored.
  • Composite works well as a filling for back and front teeth.
  • Inserting composite filling does not require restructuring the tooth extensively. In case of other materials, the doctor may need to trim away a section of the healthy tooth before making repairs like, say, attaching amalgam fillings or dental veneers and crowns.
  • Unlike metal fillings, you won’t have to worry about the composite expanding and contracting when you eat extremely hot or cold foods. Be aware that changes in the size and structure of the fillings can result in the entire tooth cracking.
  • Composite sets within a short time so you won’t need to take too much time off from work or personal commitments. Metal fillings can take some time to set, which is why you’ll need to plan your day accordingly.

Why You Should Choose an Expert Dentist for Dental Fillings in Calgary

In case you’ve opted for composite fillings in Calgary, it is advisable to choose an expert dentist to perform the treatment. A well-trained doctor will make sure you get the best results. Here’s why:

  • As a rule, composite is not as durable as materials such as metal and amalgam. If the tooth is likely to take high pressure when chewing, you may need tougher metal fillings. Alternatively, dentists suggest that you go for smile makeovers to repair the flaws.
  • Before inserting the filling, it is essential to remove the entire diseased tooth carefully. Further, the dentist must flush out the debris properly and clean the area. Only then can the filling take its place and set in firmly.
  • For the adhesive to take hold, the tooth surface should be absolutely dry. The oral practitioner must take care to prevent saliva from coming into contact when placing the filling.
  • Sometimes, the filling can pull away from the edges and form gaps. If that happens, food particles accumulating in the pockets can cause tooth decay. For this reason, you must come in regularly for checkups so the dentist at our clinic for tooth-colored fillings in Calgary can check for any potential problems. If needed, she may choose to replace the filling and help avoid cavities.
  • Some patients may experience sensitivity to hot and cold foods after getting a filling. Let the doctor know and she will make the necessary adjustments so you’re comfortable.

Getting Composite Fillings in Calgary May Have a Few Downsides

Opting for composite resin fillings does have a couple of downsides that you should be aware of. For instance:

  • These fillings are prone to staining if you drink beverages like tea, coffee, red wine, and tomato juices and eat soups and gravies with dark coloring.
  • Using teeth whitening products might not work very well to get rid of the staining.
  • In case of smile restorations where the tooth decay is more extensive, you might have to opt for a different approach for composite fillings in Calgary. The dentist may choose to take an impression of the space inside the tooth and send it to a special lab. Here, technicians create a customized filling that is later fitted into the tooth.
  • The cost can also be a potential downside. Your insurance plan may not cover the entire cost of the treatment and you may have to cover a part of the expense. This factor is especially true in case you’ve chosen to go for composite in place of amalgam fillings for the back teeth.

Understanding the Procedure for Getting Dental Fillings in Calgary

When you sign up for treatment at our clinic for tooth-colored fillings in Calgary, the dentists take the time to explain every step of the process carefully. You’ll understand what to expect and the aftercare to take.

  1. The doctor begins by injecting a topical or local anesthetic around the affected tooth.
  2. Using tools like drills, lasers, or other abrasion instruments, the doctor removes the cavities and diseased section of the tooth. Special care is taken to make sure that the affected area is cleared away completely.
  3. Testing or probing the area is essential and confirms that the decay has been removed completely.
  4. In case the decay was too close to the root and the dentist had to remove a larger section of the tooth, she may choose to protect the root. Adding a small amount of glass ionomer or any other material helps cover the nerve endings to prevent sensitivity and pain.
  5. Next, the dentist applies an adhesive and follows by layering a special composite that matches the natural color of the tooth. Adding thin layers at a time ensures a better fit and fills the space inside the tooth properly.
  6. Shining a special light for a minute or so on the tooth hardens or cures the filling.
  7. The final step involves trimming and making adjustments so you have a proper cusp. The cusp is the uneven edges of the tooth that is necessary for chewing and grinding food. Polishing and smoothing the tooth ensures that you get a natural feel and look.
  8. The doctor will check to see that the bite is perfect. And, you’re good to go.

Expect that Dental Fillings in Calgary Will Last a Good Long While

Should you opt for treatment at our clinic for tooth-colored fillings in Calgary, you can expect that the results will last you quite a while. Considering that metal is durable and malleable, gold fillings may last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. And, silver amalgam has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. In recent times, the cost of gold has lowered the popularity of gold fillings. As for the silver amalgam, most dentists don’t recommend this option because of the mercury content which can be harmful. For this reason, composite fillings in Calgary are more commonly preferred. Since contemporary composite resin may also contain quartz or glass, it is tough and long-lasting.

You Might Need to Get Fillings Replaced at Some Time

Although metal and composite fillings are durable, you might need to get them replaced sooner than expected. Here are some of the reasons why you may need further treatment.

  • Filling Falls Out – Unless the filling is too small to notice, there’s a rare possibility of accidentally swallowing it. If the filling comes out, you’ll know right away. Visit our clinic for dental fillings at Calgary for getting it replaced.
  • Filling Develops Leaks – At times, the filling may start to leak and allow food particles to reach the nerve endings and cause pain. If you sense discomfort that lasts for three weeks or more, get in touch with the dentist.
  • Filling Develops Cracks – Aside from gold, all other materials can crack under extreme pressure like after eating hard things like candy. For this reason, it is preferable to choose metal fillings for your back teeth. Most patients develop sensitivity to hot and cold foods and that’s an indication that there is a problem. Alternatively, the dentist may find that you have a crack when you come in for a routine checkup. Do keep in mind that repairing composite fillings is easy. If possible, the dentist will place an additional layer and cover the crack.
  • Filling Wears Away – Although the possibility is rare, most fillings other than gold can wear away. If that happens, the dentist may recommend that you opt for replacement.

Avoiding the Need for Fillings with Expert Advice

Prevention is always better than cure. Like our expert dentist, Dr. Jennifer Silver at the clinic for tooth-colored fillings in Calgary advises, take the necessary steps to make sure than you won’t need to go for any extensive dental treatment. Here’s what you can do:

  • Brush and floss your teeth carefully to avoid the possibility of cavities and caries.
  • Come in for regular checkups and professional teeth cleaning at our Southcentre Dental clinic, so your dentist can rid of accumulated plaque and tartar.
  • Use high-grade dental products to maintain proper hygiene.
  • Eat the right kind of foods that help protect your teeth. Avoid consuming too many starchy and sugary foods and prevent the buildup of bacteria.
  • Follow the instructions of the dentist to maintain proper dental hygiene.

Getting dental fillings in Calgary is the most effective method for repairing minor flaws. The best positive is that they look aesthetically appealing and preserve the perfection of your smile.

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