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Teeth Whitening in CalgaryDaily activities can cause wear and tear on our enamel, resulting in discoloration on dulling of our natural tooth shade. The foods and beverages we consume, as well as lifestyle factors, can have negative effects on smile appearance. Whitening is a simple smile improvement option that can have dramatic enhancement benefits.

Smile More with a Whiter Smile

If your smile is not as bright as you’d like it to be, Calgary’s Southcentre Dental Clinic offers Zoom tooth whitening to help you reach your perfect shade. Tooth whitening is accomplished though a safe and effective process that takes as little as one visit. You can achieve an improvement of several shades in a comfortable environment at our practice.

Tooth whitening may be a good option for people who:

  • Have teeth that have been affected by fluorosis (too much fluoride during tooth development)
  • Have discoloration due to wear and tear
  • Show staining due to certain medications
  • Have yellowish teeth
  • Have stains due to food and beverages
  • Have discoloration from smoking

The Tooth Whitening Procedure

At Southcentre Dental Clinic, we use a laser tooth whitening process that is safe to use. Yellowing and discoloration can disappear with the bleaching process that removes evidence of staining and creates a smile you’ll be proud to show off. Even if your smile only needs to go a few shades lighter, the effects of Zoom whitening will be noticeable. During the cosmetic tooth whitening process, Dr. Cload will isolate your teeth using a rubber dam. The Zoom bleaching gel is applied to teeth, and then the laser treatment activates the professional whitening ingredients in the gel.

Remember, also, that avoiding staining foods, beverages and nicotine can help keep your smile in great shape.

Whitening treatments are not effective on most teeth that have cosmetic restoration, so you may need to consider replacing certain areas of dental work to create a uniform smile appearance. Dr. Cload can then set you up for periodic “touch-up” appointments to keep your smile looking its best for the long-term.

Tooth Whitening and Porcelain Veneers

If you have tried tooth whitening with little or no success, porcelain veneers may be the solution for you. They can give you a dazzling, white smile even if your teeth are resistant to the whitening process. Porcelain veneers are also a great solution if you want to address other problems such as crooked or chipped teeth, discolored teeth, or broken teeth.

Resistant Discoloration

Tooth whitening is amazingly effective; however, some staining is still resistant to the whitening process.

Staining on the inside of your teeth is called intrinsic staining. Intrinsic staining can be caused in childhood while your teeth are developing, or it can happen in adulthood. Intrinsic staining may be caused by:

  • Medications, such as tetracycline
  • Fluorosis (exposure to excessive chlorine while your teeth were developing)
  • Dental trauma
  • Intrinsic staining is not always resistant to whitening. When it is, porcelain veneers can be used to cover the discoloration.
  • Damaged Teeth and Staining

Even if whitening works on your teeth, it is not the best solution for discoloration that is caused by damage to your tooth or teeth. Chipped teeth and eroded tooth enamel will darken quickly, but these teeth need to be sealed, not just “bleached.”

If you have a chipped tooth, you are probably aware of it. You may not be aware of tooth erosion, if it is mild. Tooth erosion is caused by acids, including those found in soft drinks, stomach acid, and chlorine.

Damage to tooth enamel can cause painful, sensitive teeth, and it can progress to serious tooth decay. Depending on the severity and location of the damage, porcelain veneers can prevent the rapid recurrence of discoloration while sealing and protecting your teeth. Your smile will be more beautiful and it will be healthier and more comfortable as well.

Combining Veneers and Whitening

Porcelain veneers can be an alternative to tooth whitening, but it not always an “either, or” situation. If you only have one or two teeth that do not respond to whitening, and do not have other teeth with flaws you would like to correct, you may want to have a combination of tooth whitening and porcelain veneers.

Tooth Whitening FAQ

Why Do Teeth Darken?

Everyone's teeth darken to some extent over time. Some of this darkening and dulling is a part of the natural aging process. Staining, on the other hand, is partly under your control. Over the years, your teeth will naturally start to appear more yellow as the enamel thins. The dentin under the enamel is yellow in color and starts to show through. Fortunately, the teeth whitening process can lighten the outer enamel layer and mask the yellow dentine.

Good dental hygiene can also help slow the darkening process. Keeping your teeth clean, smooth, and free from tartar will help them stay their whitest and stain resistant. Good dental hygiene starts at home with proper brushing and flossing but requires regular professional cleanings as well.

If you have your teeth whitened, proper dental hygiene is a must for maintaining the results.

To put it simply, your teeth can be darkened by what you choose to put in your mouth. Some foods and beverages that can darken your teeth include:

  • Red wine
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Dark berries
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco will also stain your teeth over time.
  • Tooth whitening is very effective in correcting this type of staining and darkening. After whitening, abstaining from staining foods, beverages, and substances will minimize your need for touch-ups.

Darkening From The Inside

Your teeth can be dark on the inside for many reasons too. Staining of the inside of your tooth is called intrinsic staining. A common form of intrinsic staining is the discoloration caused by tetracycline use during childhood. Trauma to a tooth can also c

ause it to darken from the inside.

How white can I go?

The level of whitening that is right for you is a personal decision. However, Dr. Cload can let you know your limitations and suggest a shade based on your current appearance and tooth characteristics. Generally, the ZOOM whitening process will give you more intense results in a shorter amount of time than take home whitening systems.

Is the ZOOM bleaching process safe?

Zoom whitening is proven to be very safe and effective. The special light-activated gel is specially formulated to penetrate enamel to remove deep stains. It’s also pH balanced easy on teeth and gums, making the process more comfortable than some other whitening alternatives. To learn more about the safety of tooth whitening, set up a consultation.

Will tooth whitening make me look younger?

Tooth whitening can have a very positive effect on your smile appearance — and your overall appearance, as well. Of course we cannot guarantee you will look younger but as a population we tend to attribute whter teeth with youth.

Are the effects of professional tooth whitening temporary?

Age, lifestyle and every day use can eventually lead to tooth enamel discoloration. The effects of whitening last different lengths of time for each patient, depending largely on your habits, home care, and whether or not you use touch-up whitening treatments. During your cosmetic dental consultation, Dr. Cload will discuss all of the details with you and share tips on keeping your smile bright for a long while.

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If you're happy with your teeth except for the color, consider our in-office laser bleaching. We feel that the Zoom process gives our patients the most benefits at an affordable cost.

Please contact Dr. Cload today about your tooth whitening needs and take your smile to a new level. Southcentre Dental Clinic in Calgary, Alberta, welcomes your questions — schedule a new patient consultation today to discuss our teeth whitening possibilities.

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