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Jaw pain, TMJ , headaches and neck ache can be symptoms as a result of a whiplash following a car accident ( MVA ). Some whiplash victims will experience the symptoms of jaw pain, headaches and neck ache very soon after a car accident. But that is not always the case. I see some patients who start to experience these symptoms months after the initial car accident. Why such a gap between the MVA and the whiplash symptoms?

The reason usually is the adaptation of the body to compensate for other injuries to the body as a result of the whiplash. For instance the initial accident may have injured the shoulder but to reduce the stress and pain on the injured shoulder the body will try to compensate and adjust the posture . This may work initially but this will ultimately place stress on other areas of the body and then pain. Our entire body is connected which means the initial whiplash injuries are not the only injuries the body will have to cope with .Injury to the jaw can occur at the time of the car accident but not be obvious due to the other injuries and pain.

How can dentistry help treat your whiplash injuries.

The way our bite fits together has a huge impact on body alignment and visa versa. Using muscle relaxation of the jaw and neck muscles we create a dental orthotic to reposition the bite. The orthotic will then act as a guide to the lower jaw and in turn impact the compensation of the body to treat the jaw pain,neck ache and whiplash symptoms. If you are suffering from whiplash related injuriesin Clagary such as jaw pain ,headaches, TMJ and neck ache please contact our Calgary office to arrange an initial complimentary consultation . We would love to help alleviate your symptoms of whiplash