Most people are well aware that their dental structure is an important facet of their overall appearance and personality. Healthy gums and sparkling teeth contribute in a big way to your smile and the impression you create on people. But what you possibly don’t know is that having perfectly aligned teeth can affect how you speak, breathe, and chew. And, that discomfort will come across when you interact with people.

Your dentist may recommend getting full mouth reconstruction to repair flaws and transform your entire personality. You’ll find that you have a more radiant smile and speak clearly when conversing with people, both of which could make a huge difference in your personal and professional relationships. Not to mention improving the aesthetics, health, and functionality of your mouth.

Understanding What Full Mouth Rejuvenation is All About

Full mouth rejuvenation is also termed as a full mouth reconstruction or dental rehabilitation. A part of the field of cosmetic dentistry, the treatment involves repairing your teeth and gums. Some patients may also need more invasive procedures where the oral surgeon reconstructs the upper or lower jaw bone. This process could be essential for correcting an improper overbite. Do understand that repairing dental flaws may also be necessary to help you with problems like sleep apnea or snoring. Both these conditions can have long-term consequences on your overall health and wellness. Being problematic for your sleeping partner is only one of the downsides.

Full-Mouth Rejuvenation is an Option for Various Dental Flaws

When you visit our clinic for full mouth reconstruction in Calgary, you’ll learn that several dental flaws can affect your overall appearance. Here are some of the problems our dentists work on fixing.

  • One or more missing teeth
  • Broken, cracked, and/or chipped and unsightly teeth
  • Decaying teeth
  • Discolored teeth that look gray or black
  • Improper or missing fillings
  • Worn out teeth because of bruxism or teeth grinding
  • Underdeveloped teeth that are small in size, discolored, pitted, or easily damaged
  • Genetic conditions where the teeth have a blue-gray or yellowish-brown coloring
  • Reconstructing the dental structure after treatment for cancer
  • Damaged teeth because of an injury or fracture
  • Eroded teeth because of acid reflux and the effects of food and beverages
  • Headaches and temporomandibular joint disorder
  • Malocclusions or overbites

Each patient has a unique oral structure and individual problems that might need either a partial or full mouth reconstruction. Our dentists will advise you on the best course of action.

Full-Mouth Rejuvenation Includes Several Types of Treatments

Dental rehabilitation can include different procedures which can be general everyday treatments or restorative procedures that take time to complete. Some of the general dentistry options include:

  • Dental bonding
  • Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Bridges
  • Porcelain and tooth-colored fillings
  • Inlays and onlays
  • Teeth whitening using bleaching or other liquids, such procedures can be done at the clinic or at home with the directions on an expert dentist

More invasive options or full mouth reconstruction may require sedation dentistry and longer recovery periods.

  • Periodontal treatments to repair gum infections and issues like a toothy smile or elongated teeth
  • Root canal procedures
  • Extracting damaged teeth, typically wisdom teeth growing inside the gums or getting infected
  • Dental implants
  • Treating the dental pulp inside the tooth

In case of major restructuring, the oral surgeon may need to do bone grafting.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Calgary Typically Involves Several Stages

Step One – Consultation

When you come in for a consultation, highly trained and skilled dentists at our clinic for full mouth reconstruction conduct a detailed examination. They might also use photographs, x-rays, ultrasounds, and other diagnostic tests to get a clear picture of the kind of damage the patient has and the repair needed. Dentists also use digital imaging systems to give you an overview of the outcome to expect. If needed, they may take impressions of your upper and lower teeth and create models.

Step Two – Assessing You as a Good Candidate

The next step of dental rehabilitation is assessing you as a good candidate. You’ll answer a series of questions about your overall health and any chronic conditions. Dentists need to be sure that you can tolerate certain procedures. Like, for instance:

  • In the case of extensive bone grafting before getting dental implants, the dentist will want to check if you can go through surgery. You’ll need downtime for complete recovery and perhaps, a friend or family member taking care of you.
  • If you smoke, the doctor will advise against the surgery until you quit completely. Nicotine slows down blood circulation and makes healing difficult.
  • Patients who suffer from dental anxiety will need sedation to stay comfortable and get a friend to drive them to and from the clinic.

Step Three – Creating a Detailed Plan of Action

Once our dentists have all the necessary information, they’ll put together a comprehensive treatment plan to give you the best results possible from your full mouth reconstruction. Depending on the kind of rehabilitation you need, a team of doctors may work in stages to transform your dental structure. Your consulting doctor may choose to bring in specialists like an oral surgeon, periodontist, or orthodontist to advise on the best course. Only the most advanced technology and techniques are used to help you.

Go ahead and ask all the questions you have. If needed, ask for a description in writing so you can take your time understanding the process and make the right decisions. You’ll also want to ask about the possible risks and positive outcomes. Getting a second opinion is also advisable so you’re sure about what needs to be done. Like our dentists at the clinic for full mouth reconstruction in Calgary will advise, you might also have to arrange for care after the surgery and finances for funding the treatment.

The final step involves scheduling appointments and getting started.

Different Sections of Your Teeth and Oral Structure May Need Repairing

Full mouth rejuvenation takes into account all the different aspects of your dental health. Here’s how.

Checking the Temporomandibular Joints and Overbite

Ideally, the human dental structure is designed in such a way that opening and closing your mouth should be easy and without any pain or obstruction. You should also be able to speak and chew without your teeth eroding. Most importantly, the upper jaw should fit over the lower jaw when at rest without the teeth coming into contact. If you’ve been sensing problems with any of this functioning, full mouth reconstruction could be necessary. Many patients also develop headaches when the jaw bones don’t align and the joint is unstable.

Before beginning any major invasive treatment, the doctor will likely recommend that you wear braces to gently nudge the jaws into their correct position. Typically, orthodontists take impressions of your jaws and place orders for customized braces. Additional treatment is planned only if the initial options don’t achieve the desired results. If you have a problem with bruxism, you could receive specially-ordered teeth grinding guards to help you break the habit.

Checking the Gum Tissues

The health of your gum tissues is absolutely vital since they hold the teeth in place. Tooth decay typically develops in the gaps between the teeth and gum tissues. For this reason, dentists examine the gums carefully for initial signs of decay. Elongated teeth and gums receding can result in a toothy smile. All of these issues need repairing during full mouth rejuvenation by pulling the gum tissues over the teeth for better support and coverage. The periodontist takes care of the tissues by conducting scaling and root planing where needed. In case gum or bone grafting is needed, the doctor will include these steps in the recommended dental rehabilitation program for you. Some patients may also have excess gum tissue because of which only a small section of the crown of the tooth is visible. In that case, the surgeon may trim back or recontour some of the tissue for a healthy smile.

Checking Your Teeth

Once the jawbones, their alignment, and gum tissues are repaired, the dentist will move on to checking the teeth. As explained in the ongoing sections, the doctor will take steps to repair gaps between your teeth and strengthen their integrity. Fillings, bridges, dental implants, inlays and onlays, root canal procedures, and removing diseased sections are all a part of the process of full mouth reconstruction. Often times, dental crowns are attached to provide complete coverage to the affected tooth and prevent further erosion or breaking. Before attaching crowns, dentists may have to reshape the tooth to make adequate space for placing the porcelain crown.

Checking for Aesthetic Appearance

The final finishing step in your full mouth reconstruction treatment involves checking the teeth for aesthetics. Dentists work to repair the teeth so that they have a uniform look and appearance. They’ll also fix the color, shape, and size of your teeth so that they match your gums and present a beautiful smile. Attaching porcelain veneers and using teeth whitening solutions complete the final stage.

You’ll Have a Team of Specialists Helping You

As you can see, the field of dentistry is vast and you may need different specialists helping you gain that perfect smile and proper dental health and functionality. The exciting thing is that our clinic for full mouth reconstruction in Calgary has the complete team that can lend its expertise to restore your self-esteem and confidence. Depending on the extent of repairing you need, the treatment can range from a couple of short appointments to sessions spaced out over 6 months to12 months. You may need recovery time between each treatment before moving on to the next stage. Like, for instance, in case you’ve opted to get dental implants.

Insurance May Not Cover the Entire Cost of the Treatment

If you’re planning to get dental rehabilitation, know that your insurance company may not offer you complete coverage for the procedure. That’s because many of the steps like teeth whitening or veneers fall under the category of cosmetic dentistry. However, if your dental issues are interfering with your health or may cause medical problems in the future, you could contact the insurance provider for compensation. Even so, you might have to pay the remaining costs on your own.

To give you a rough estimate of what to expect, full mouth reconstruction can cost you anywhere from $30,000 to $45,000 or more. This figure can also depend on the specific treatments you need and the kind of dental insurance you have. For instance, expect that a teeth cleaning and gum care session can cost around $80. And, attaching a crown or bridge can run you up a bill of $550 or so. Check with your dentist for financing options or the possibility of covering the charge in installments.

Full Mouth Rejuvenation and Smile Makeovers are Different Procedures

Many patients confuse full mouth rejuvenation with a smile makeover. Know that both treatments give you the same results – that of a lovely smile and a boost in self-confidence. However, while dental rejuvenation is restorative dentistry, smile makeovers are considered elective dentistry. In other words, restorative dentistry is absolutely essential for good health, wellness, and good quality of life. But, smile enhancement is just that – designed to improve the aesthetics of your looks. Whatever may be the options you go for, know that our expert dentists in Calgary use the best of materials available to give you long-term functionality and great results. Get ready to show off an amazing smile at the end of the treatment!

Entrust Your Future to a Dentist Who Has the Experience and Expertise

Considering the importance of your smile on your looks and overall health, you’ll want to entrust it to an expert dentist who is well-trained and experienced. You can safely rely on the expertise of Dr. Jennifer Silver at our Southcenter Dental Clinic in Calgary. Schedule an appointment and she’ll advise you on the most practical methods for getting a lovely, radiant smile. Do ask about easy payment options and direct billing facilities we have available. If you would like some quick information, call this number: (403) 278-1415. You can also choose to add your query on our Contact page form and we’ll get back to you soon!


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The areas of dentistry that holds special interest for Dr. Silver include oral medicine and whole-body dentistry. She currently devotes time and resources toward helping patients with TMJ pain and sleep apnea, while continuing to provide general dentistry as well. Future interests include devoting time to additional oral surgery training. Jen strives to treat her patients as if they were family. She strongly believes in a multi-disciplinary approach for patient care. She is part of a large network of specialists that she trusts and collaborates with when helping patients.