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Oral cancer is fast becoming the deadliest cancer. Oral cancer is one of the easiest cancers to detect but unfortunately over 60% are diagnosed at a late stage. One in four diagnosed with oral cancer will die. One person every hour of every day dies from oral cancer in North America.If detected early there is a 80-90% survival rate. This all points to early detection.

Oral cancer had in the past been associated with heavy smokers, drinkers and more than twice as likely to affect men. That demographic is changing dramatically. Young women are now becoming the number one victim of oral cancer. This is due to the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer. It is now the number one cause of oral cancer.

It is the easiest to detect if you visit your dentist regularly. At every recall visit your dentist or hygienist should perform a cancer screen of your mouth along with your neck.

Technology also aids our goal of early detection. At Southcentre dental clinic in Calgary Dr. Silver and his team will offer a simple test using the Velscope light detection system that helps us to see changes in your oral tissue before they become visible. If you wish to have this simple $10 test performed please call our office to arrange the screening.

Below are 5 links for a wonderful presentation by Dr.Oz on detection and treatment.