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For all our basic services, things like regular exams, cleanings, and fillings, we are 10% above the Alberta Dental Fee Guide.  We are 10% above fee guide to cover the cost of using premium materials and technology.  Major services such as crowns and extractions range in price from 10-20% above fee guide.  We offer free warranty with all our services and can trust that we will be there if anything goes wrong.  We are not the least expensive and we are not the most expensive, but we feel we give the best value for the product and service we are giving our patients.  We pride ourselves on the superior treatment our patients receive.  We our an affordable dentist giving a premium service at a lower cost.

What is the Alberta Dental Fee Guide?

The Alberta Dental Fee Guide is a list of baseline prices for dentists in Alberta. Insurance companies follow their own guides. Dental fees are all based on a list of standardized codes, but the associated fee is established independently by each dental office.

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We would love to be your next dentist! We offer a wide variety of affordable dental treatments for families, adults, and kids.

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