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For all our basic services, things like regular exams, cleanings, and fillings, we follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide. You can view our pricing for basic services below to see! We do this because we strive to be an affordable dentist and a great option for all families in Calgary.

What is the Alberta Dental Fee Guide?

The Alberta Dental Fee Guide is a list of recommended prices that dentists in Alberta should charge for each procedure. Insurance companies follow their own guides. Dental fees are all based on a list of standardized codes, but the associated fee is established independently by each dental office.

Our Basic Dental Services

If you have health insurance, your insurance will usually cover a portion or all of these treatments. Always check with your insurance provider before you come in for your appointment.

CodeServiceFee Guide Our Pricing
01101Child’s new patient exam (3+)
01103Adult’s New Patient Exam$105.92$105.92
01202Recall Exam (check-up for existing patient)$67.00$67.00
111011 Unit of Polishing$62.46
12112Fluoride Treatment$30.26$30.26
111133 Units of Scaling$210.30$210.30
02111Single periapical Xray$28.81$28.81
02142Two bitewing Xrays$47.05$47.05
02144Four bitewing Xrays$81.80$81.80
02601Panoramic Xray$88.32$88.32
23111Front tooth: 1 Tooth-colored filling$142.49$142.49
23112Front tooth: 2 Tooth-colored fillings$208.11$208.11
23321Molar: 1 tooth-colored filling$156.15$156.15
23322Molar: 2 1 tooth-colored fillings$220.14$220.14

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