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Have you ever gone a couple of days without brushing your teeth? We hope not! Good oral hygiene is important. But if you have, you’ve probably experienced that grimy, mucky feeling that can happen when your teeth need to be cleaned. Many of us take for granted a simple invention that does so much to help maintain oral health: the toothbrush.

And much like everything else the design of the toothbrush is always evolving, and the technology is forever improving. If you find yourself stuck at the supermarket wondering which toothbrush is right for you here are some tips to help make your decision easy…

  • Most dental professionals agree that a soft-bristled brush is best for removing plaque and debris from your teeth. Avoid hard-bristled brushes because they are more likely to wear away your teeth’s enamel
  • Small-headed brushes are preferred, since they can better reach all areas of the mouth, including hard-to-reach back teeth
  • When it comes to the type of handle, shape of the head, and style of bristles pick whatever is most comfortable for you.
  • For many, an electric toothnbrush is a good alternative. It can do a better job of cleaning teeth for those who have difficulty brushing or people with any condition that limit mobility.

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. They also recommend changing your toothbrush every 3-4 months or before if the bristles become frayed. Visiting your dental office for professional cleanings and checkups is all part of preventative care. If you live in the greater Calgary, Alberta, area and would like to schedule a dental cleaning appointment please contact the Southcentre Dental Clinic today.