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Few things create a good first impression more than a big smile. Business experts, management gurus, and personal counselors the world over stress the benefits of smiling in personal and professional interactions.

The regular wear and tear of daily life can leave your teeth with highly visible stains and splotches, or you may notice them turning an unattractive yellow-brown color. Often this has nothing to do with tooth decay; you can practice perfect dental hygiene and still notice the discoloration. If you would like to regain the white smile you used to have, teeth whitening may be for you.

There are many over-the-counter teeth whitening products in supermarkets and pharmacies that promise you results, but these can deliver mixed results that are often not as dramatic as you hoped. And they tend to be relatively time-consuming: if you use teeth whitening strips, for example, you need to remember to put them on every day.

The professional teeth whitening services offered by your dentist are still the fastest way to get the most noticeable results. The ZOOM! teeth whitening procedure offered in Dr. Silver’s office can take as little as 45 minutes to complete, and can result in your teeth turning up to eight shades whiter than they were before the procedure.

If you feel like stained or yellowing teeth are sabotaging your self-confidence, then schedule an appointment with Dr. Silver today to learn more about the teeth whitening process. Just call (403) 278-1415 to arrange a visit to our office, serving Calgary and the surrounding areas.