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Dental implants are not invincible and must receive proper attention, just as any of your natural teeth must be cared for. Fortunately, caring for your dental implants is as easy as taking care of your natural teeth, once the process is complete and the implant is stabilized in your jaw.

Caring for a New Dental Implant

Dr. Jennifer Silver will surgically implant the titanium post directly into your jaw bone and then you will have a period of 3-6 months during which your jaw bone and gums are allowed to heal and grow around the implant. This provides the most stability for your implant and will prevent it from coming loose or shifting once the porcelain crown is attached to it with an abutment.

You will be carefully screened before your implant is placed to ensure that you have the highest likelihood possible of a successful implant, and frequent checkups are necessary after the implant has been placed to prevent or care for any complications that might arise. You should plan on visiting our office every 3 months, or more frequently, to have the surgery site and implant checked for signs of difficulty during the first year that you have your implant.

Caring for Your Finished Implant

Once the titanium post is secure, your custom porcelain crown will be attached, at which point you will be able to eat and speak as you could before losing your natural tooth. While dental porcelain is about as strong as your natural tooth enamel, you should be aware that, like your natural teeth, it is possible to chip or break your dental implant crown. You should avoid damaging habits like chewing on ice and hard candy or using your teeth as a tool. If it’s edible your crown should be great. If your teeth were designed for tearing tape, cutting fishing line and opening bottles they would like scissors or bottle openers.

Your dental implant will wear similarly to your natural teeth, but you can help prevent unnecessary wear by keeping your dental implants in good repair with the following steps:

Follow good dental hygiene practices by brushing and flossing twice a day. Drink plenty of water to rinse your mouth and minimize bacteria growth after eatingVisit our office every 6-12 months for regular dental cleanings and examinationsReport any chips or breaks immediately to have any damage repaired quickly

If your dental implant sustains minor damage it may be repaired with dental composite, but more severe breaks may require that your porcelain crown be replaced. To prevent unnecessary cost or decay, you should take good care of your dental implant and contact our office immediately with any questions or concerns that may arise.

To learn more about caring for your dental implants, please contact our office today and begin enjoying dental implants.

Dr. Jennifer Silver - Cosmetic Dentistry - Making better SmilesBOOK APPOINTMENT